Nature protects those who are weak


From Darwin’s time and even before we learned that those who are strong survive while the others become the residuals, therefore, we can look at the current world through the eyes of winners and losers.

From science we know that atoms and molecules with even numbers of electrons are more chemically stable than those with odd numbers of electrons but how can we apply physics and chemistry to us, the humans?

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The Titans


My inspiration for this article is “The Titan” movie because there is a similarity on how the order of things have been changed in the 21st century. We all know how important the environment is for everybody and everything to continue to exist, yet it appears that some top level made decisions have disturbed the environment even more.

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Agents of Change



In the current order of things, most changes happen when there is a larger population that has less freedom therefore their need for changes become unanimously accepted within the group. Yet in a world in which everyone is respected, the voice of one person becomes sufficient for implementing changes without any further debates or delays because one voice is representative and can very well underlie the concerns for healthcare and wellbeing of larger populations of humans.

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Lean in Education System (K12 level)


As very few children have been born with abilities that are beyond the human understanding, many would follow the path that has been designed for them and attend the schools that are either private, public or home schooling within the area where they live. Each school will have the control limits pre-set by those who designed their education system to meet the set criteria that are part of the plan.

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We have learned from the paintings and recorded historical events about the people’s living and working conditions of the past centuries. Yet, we all must agree that the current century has reached new limits that were never believed to be reached even 100 years ago. It is not only the further development of the life conditions in general, but the instruments, tools and equipment that have been developed to support such progresses.

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Exhaustive Processes


We learned processes from the time when we were born as we looked at the leaves that changed their colors, snow that felt cold on our cheeks or warm and clear waters when going to the sea coast. Yet, it is when we understand the process’ in depth and become aware about this, that has the largest impact to our life.

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Many children love BioArt because it allows them to share with their readers the new views of a world that they can only imagine through colours, shapes and funny names.

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While all livings learn during their life time, humans are still the most advanced from this perspective as we acquire skills and knowledge in large areas.  Therefore, we learn as a population through probability rather than statistics.

Lately, learning happens through the social interactions that are made possible using electronic devises, internet etc.

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One would wonder why the sculpture of an alien would be in a museum in Italy when considering that God and its son Jesus are represented artistically everywhere in the architectural buildings. In a country where almost in every corner there is an open museum that takes us to past events, the industry of art was craftily approached through the years of its mastering and development. It was the feel of the hard work and perfectionism that have been enchanting visitors therefore it is the work through art that needs to continue.

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Commitment to design quality environments



Over the years, there are several posts that I wrote with a direct reference to the environment in which we exist. As I am one of the many people who worked across diverse industries and countries, I can definitively prove that people who are committed to a cause will continue to excel. Each person who is committed to deliver quality, support the communication in an open democracy, seek the transparent measures taken with fair distribution and reward, will continue to excel such that all work is done at a maximum level of efficiency, quality, speed.

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Proportions and sizes to maintain balance


If the behavior changes depending on the learning that a person is being exposed to, then obviously, the positive thoughts would be followed almost instantaneously by positive actions. In a world that works mainly within cause and effect type scenario, the positive reactions would be evenly amplified when the environment is prone to propagate them. 

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Is Lean contradictory when compared to Tao Te Ching philosophy?


The new and old ideas are mixed together to take forms and shapes although none have impacted the matter of things. We know that matter is continuous therefore it will never become something different than it has always been. 

Most companies for the last centuries have shown contradictory results as what seemed to be working in one area was catastrophic in multiple areas therefore the same idea(s) were not bringing the similar and positive outcomes.

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The Giants as protectors


I have really enjoyed reading literature from an early age, but I was also lucky to study the “Odyssey and Iliad” by Homer ( as the masterpiece of the ancient Greek’s literature.

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eLearning organizations representing the social evolution


Whenever we look back into the human evolution there is a trend line moving upward faster from the time when the technological advancements have matured.

As the intellectual effort became more important than the physical labor, the question is whether at this time there is a fair recognition worldwide for it, and if there is, how it is shared in the world.

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“In Jewish history there are no coincidences” Elie Wiesel

“The bottom line is that humans are very bad at understanding probability. Everyone finds it difficult, even I do. We just have to get better at it. We need to learn to detect when data is  manipulated. Changing axes on a chart is one way, but there are many other subtle ways to do it. ““If we understood probability perfectly, then we would be less open to manipulation” and “Coincidences never happen to me at all, because I never notice anything,” David Spiegelhalter

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The attitude of a conqueror


During the last decades, we have learned, watched or participated directly in those events that resulted in organizations taking over other organizations. Considering the amount of knowledge that we have today, the cultural changes don’t happen overnight therefore a question that comes to my mind is why organizations acquire organizations that have a completely different culture? Because beyond the purpose of gaining the market share leading to an increase of short term profit etc. the main purpose should be to collaborate and make better products, new services to the market or in other words make the investors happier.

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Learning by using mobiles


While a large population uses computers to learn, other population using mobile devices is growing. Last year mobile device usage increase was 60.4% , and having our LMS available on mobile devices could have been a great contributor.

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My Mother


There is no human born on Earth without a mother and if there is anything that we shall cherish throughout our lives than that is our mother’s love. This is the only love that shall bring us in peace together.

My mother is still the best because the way she raised us, me and my brother. She was patient enough to believe that one day we will understand her struggle with life’s challenges. While she is on her last days of her life, there wasn’t anything that she could have done in her entire life to make it more perfect than it has been.

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Autonomous systems seen as bridge’s creation


In any system designed to be operated by a machine, the rules are being determined by a team including programmers, engineers, administrators etc. Such designed system will adjust internally its prescribed conditions such that the end result will be obtained at a constant rate.

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Social endeavors and their acceptance levels


I have seen the “Portrait of Madame Charles Max” painted by Boldini Giovanni exposed on two different occasions, but each time it gave me a different feel for that gracious and fluid move as she tries to hold on her dress. Her refined figure, gentle look gives us retrospection into what was happening during 19th -20th century in the world. It was a time when women were taking the world stage and claiming to be treated with respect, as equal partners.

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