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Sometimes, it is enough to #research the #genealogical #tree to understand that #genes do not transform their #original #messages, which is #peace #genetherapypeace

Dorina Grossu Without #peace, #life does not exist therefore the efforts shall be made to make peace first. #makepeace 2 weeks ago

The purpose of any war is to decompose, destruct, and remove what was created rather than build and enhance through peace a sustainable life. Human history is that of wars and unrest, interferences of powerful leaders who are always ready to sacrific ...

All the #modern #technologies in #brain #imaging provide details regarding the process of information. Yet, what type of #brain do the #leaders have who continue to #support the #wars? #peacenegociation Those who encourage wars to continue rather than end them have challenges understanding that people die while they get to live.

Taking an online exam can be stressful, especially if you suffer from exam anxiety. However, there are ways to overcome online exam anxiety and have a stress-free test-taking experience.One way to reduce anxiety is to prepare well in advance. Create a study plan and stick to it, so that you feel confident in your knowledge and skills going into the exam. Practice taking mock exams and review your mistakes to identify areas where you need to improve.It's also important to take care of yourself in the days leading up to the exam. Get plenty of rest, eat healthy foods, and exercise regularly. Taking care of your physical and mental health can help reduce anxiety and improve your focus and concentration. Get the best online class help services today!During the exam, try to stay calm and focused. Take deep breaths and visualize yourself succeeding. If you feel anxious or stressed, take a break and stretch or walk around to release tension.Finally, remember to be kind to yourself. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to perform perfectly. Remember that exams are just one measure of your knowledge and skills and that you are more than your test scores.By following these tips and adopting a positive attitude towards exams, you can overcome online exam anxiety and have a stress-free test-taking experience.


It really needs to share our experience with business beginners. I also did the same way when I was hiring professional 2D video animation services I studied their works and portfolios, and I also looked at their testimonials there were plenty of satisfied customers so I decided to hire them and the animated video they provide me was professional. It was such a good decision for hiring them.


The idea that a person is not successful because he/she needs to develop a #thickskin is just a way of selling #guilt. Generations of people who suffered from different illnesses caused in many cases by an environmental #overload. The approach is to ensure that current and future generations will not be overloaded while feeling useless. #AIgenerative

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A tribute to Gordon Lightfoot

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#competency based learning requires #professors who are #knowledgeable and #experienced while capable to #mentor #masterlevelskills

People wanting to work from home proves that work in an open social environment is based on culture. Maybe the hiring shall consider the individual social aspect more carefully.

Why #colleges hire #doctors who are not specialized and lack the experience in the topic they teach? #dissapointedstudents

"#Statistics are the #heart of #democracy." Simeon Strunsky

Aside from many challenges, the most difficult task of the #educators is to teach #students to be #honest. Students see around them how the #hardworking #parents can not go ahead as countries are led by #politicians who continue to #create #chaos in #finance, #banking, #healthcare, #education, #infrastructures.

swiftronics.usa - updated group, swiftronics.usa

While #education as a #system is supposed to be the most #transparent and #fair when compared to other systems, it appears that it has #errors that in many other environments will never be acceptable.

#Transformation without #all #positive #outcomes is #destruction. #endwars