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How do some report the good numbers in #productivity? They open up the #processvariation and allow different #levels of #quality to be accepted while... Show more

When #students say that the #class #experience is not "interesting" do they imply that the topic is difficult to understand or they are mainly... Show more
Let`s not forget past events as peace is more important than ever before!

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Dorina Grossu

Joyce DiDonato - Lascia ch'io pianga

Mezzosoprano Joyce DiDonato singing "Lascia ch'io pianga" from Händel's opera Rinaldo, accompanied by Il Pomo d'Oro. This was part of German TV...

1 week ago

#sports for all #children is fair rather than for those who are #rich

#students are more #engaged when #classactivities use #technologies that create bridges between #professor #learning #students

Investors are those who lose money when they invest in org. that promote a non-educational base hiring model where there are no standards for... Show more

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Dorina Grossu How many children can reach their potentials if their parents are not rich? #sports and #rich are therefore rather belonging to #elites but is it... Show more 2 weeks ago

the well #prepared and #organized courses are in general helping students as they follow the Bloom's taxonomy starting from the bottom and moving... Show more

#consistency represents more of #futurestability and #lawrules as opposed to #inconsistency that gets us onto a path of #nocertainty

Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' Pascal the Ignored Philosopher by Herb Spencer' in the forum. 1 month ago

Ironically, mathematics (especially Geometry) was originally thought to be the best exemplar of ideal
philosophy, especially Plato’s unchanging (timeless) ‘Forms’. Pascal annoyed both the philosophers and
many mathematicians by turning his powerful intellect on mathematics itself with his preface to his textbook
on geometry that while acknowledging that the axiomatic method used in Euclid’s geometry might be as
perfect as possible but there was no way to confirm that the axioms themselves were true. He claimed that
the definitions that rely on everyone’s intuition (like the perfect circle) again had no natural examples so
could only be used ‘by agreement’ (i.e. abstract Cartesian formalisms), so that those people who wished for
certainty in mathematics will have to turn to God for their eradication of uncertainty.

Since Pascal realized he could not construct a logical proof of God’s existence, he turned to his recent study
of probability; the result is known as Pascal’s Wager (or bet). A prudent gambler, seeing the odds, should
place their bet on the religious possibility because of the size of the Win. If God does exist then living an
unbeliever’s life could be eternally damnable but if God does not exist, then it really does not matter what
one does. Not to bet on God’s existence is itself a bet on God’s non-existence but it stops one from really
benefitting if there is a God. Pascal was well aware that betting on the option with the best expected reward
does not make one a religious person. Since God should be aware of one’s private motivations then making
such a bet would be unconvincing, like the traditional argument for faith, not good deeds. Even the religious
option is confused when one is faced picking one: Judaism, Islam, Hinduism or one of thousand Christian

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If we are to use the thermodynamics law between countries, each country will reach a stable level, therefore, the question is rather why not all... Show more

And then there is "light and warm feel" when you see #students who can #create and further develop from what was given to them; critical thinking leads... Show more

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When #Education would be the main #global endeavor rather than the #regions, #cultural based, we might see how #engagement would happen naturally... Show more

Engagement and participation represent the natural development of any type or kind of life, therefore, even when it is not seen everywhere its... Show more

Education has been moving towards the project based-learning methodology by using the technology yet the challenges exist as very few students know... Show more

For some students, it becomes quite difficult to learn the theory as they can not make correlations to known experiences since they did not have... Show more

Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' Countries views on girls' worthiness' in the forum. 2 months ago

About 650 million children and women alive today were married before age 18, roughly 17% of the global female population, according to
UNICEF. In a yearlong project, Voice of America set out to meet child
brides from Albania to Pakistan to Tanzania, putting faces and voices to
a practice that the United Nations is trying to eliminate by 2030.Ending child marriage is pivotal to improving global health, eliminating poverty and expanding human rights, UNICEF says. Married teen girls are often physically abused, and their lives of
chores and childbearing perpetuate centuries-old cycles of gender
inequality in their communities.The leading causes of death for girls ages 15 to 19 are complications from pregnancy and giving
birth, according to the World Health Organization. Babies born to girls
younger than 18 also have higher risks of death and stunting."


If students would understand that what it takes to form critical thinking and analytical skills inside and outside the discipline they study is the... Show more

Formulating questions in order to find, discover, innovate etc. proves curiosity, the art of learning and openness therefore asking questions shall... Show more