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Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' Computational Models of Cognition' in the forum. yesterday


We all read faster than we speak, yet many people chose to be in the class for training..why? #elearning

Large and small org. fail to admit that they created a similar pyramid as a society in which they function; it is expected that "bosses" decide who... Show more

Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' REALITY or THE SORRY STATE OF PHYSICS' in the forum. 4 days ago

Although the article was written in 2012, I found it more contemporary than ever since its conclusion drives us towards engagement at all levels within societies. It is more important also to admit the failure of the current system in which people find themselves with no incomes, sustainable quality of life etc. The only way the reality can be explained is through the myopic approach of economics.

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"Intellectuals have always given their own talent for abstract thought the highest rating but
lesser educated mortals must never concede that their own intuitions of reality must be
replaced by the academic fashions of their intellectual ‘superiors’. Indeed, the concept of
mind and consciousness were promoted in 18th Century England to maintain aristocratically
control of the masses, who were beginning to challenge the religious views that had
supported the anti-democratic nature of European society for thousands of years.
Any notion that the reality of the universe depends in any way on the existence of human
beings are committing the greatest sin of arrogance in the history of human thought. This
‘consciousness’ view of modern physics appears to resemble the kind of human arrogance
that once thought that the Earth was the center of the universe. Unlike the authors of this
series on reality, coming to the dismal conclusion that “nothing is fundamental” or “we’ll
never know for sure where we ourselves stand” we should cheerfully face the world we
know and state that we are firmly in touch with reality – it is only our theories (and theorists)
that need to be improved but they will always have to connect to our naively realistic
the perspective that has served us so well for so long.
In the western tradition, our notions of reality have long been defined by our ruling
intellectuals; mostly by priests and theologians but in the modern era (post-1600) this role
has increasingly been taken over by scientists – particularly physicists. The long view of
history suggests that they will find this task as difficult as their predecessors."


Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' Machine learning and Deep Learning Healthcare' in the forum. 5 days ago


Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' Eurostat regional yearbook 2018' in the forum. 6 days ago

Unemployment can have an impact not just on theeconomic well-being of a country (unused potentiallabour input and higher social protection payments)but also on the well-being of individuals who arewithout work. The personal and social costs ofunemployment are varied and include a higher riskof poverty, debt or homelessness, while the stigmaof being unemployed can cause a reduction in self-esteem, a breakdown in family/personal relations, orsocial exclusion.
Long-term unemployment may have a considerableimpact on an individual’s well-being, leading to self-doubt, anxiety or depression, while people in thispredicament also have a far higher risk of falling intopoverty or social exclusion. Furthermore, the longersomebody remains unemployed, the less attractivethey are likely to be for potential employers; this couldreflect employer discrimination that prevents the long-term unemployed from receiving fair consideration fora vacancy or a depreciation in the relative importanceof their past work experience and skills.


up to today, the global population was increased by 58.6 million people and yet the quality of each individual is rarely quantified therefore at... Show more

In fact, when a large population becomes trained and educated through the same methodology, the individual is lost and becomes a part of the... Show more

Most of the organizations work in an unhealthy subordination type of relationship, therefore, if we are to compare the costs encountered by the... Show more

People punish people not because somebody tells them to do so, but rather because this is how they prove their power over someone else. Some love to... Show more

Then the freedom to ask questions and receive answers shall never be shut-down in organizations, but this is not what is happening isn't it? The... Show more

Someone reminded me yesterday about this "The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data"... Show more

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Business literature advises that retaining employees is core to protecting any organization. Any organization is a collection of members, yet most... Show more

Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' Global education monitoring' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

For adult education and training participation rates, labour force surveys remain the data source with the highest potential for monitoring, although data are available only for a limited number of countries. In Europe, the EU Labour Force Survey (LFS), carried out quarterly since 1983 in 33 countries, is the official source of information
on adult education, which is defined to include ‘all learning activities undertaken ... with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competences, within personal, civic, social or employment-related perspectives’ (Eurostat, 2017b). It covers participation in both formal and non-formal education and training during the four weeks prior to the interview.Analysis of the 2007–2016 data suggests notable gender differences. Women are more likely to participate in education and training in all population groups defined by age and labour force status except those who do not actively participate in the labour force (Figure 5.a). There is considerable inequality in participation by age. In 2016, 17% of 25- to 34-year-olds participated in education and training, compared to 6% of 55- to 64-year-olds (Figure 5.b).

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Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' The stability of educational achievement across school years' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Through research and data analyses, the conclusions are that in order to have a system that shows "genetic stability, the educational achievement should provide additional motivation to identify children in need of
interventions as early as possible, as the problems are likely to remain
throughout the school years. GPS prediction, specifically, might in the
future provide a tool to identify children with educational problems
very early in life and aid in providing both individualized prevention
and individualized learning programs. We hope that with GPS, we can move
towards precision education, just as medicine is moving towards
precision medicine.
For example, GPS could be used to identify children at birth at genetic
risk for developing reading problems, thus enabling early intervention.
As preventive interventions have greater chances of succeeding early in
life, a great strength of GPS is that they can predict at birth just as
well as later in life, which enables early intervention, particularly
for those children who are likely to struggle the most."


#Predictiveanalytics implies that we can figure out the future based on some #historicdata while building a certain #mathematicalmodel for a... Show more

Since each individual is uniquely digitized why then people are treated as if one can be "replaced" with someone else? The entire system needs to... Show more

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Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' When a Virgin is not a Virgin' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

"At that time, in public discourse in Greece a woman had no voice of her own for she
was supposed to be silent and thus in politics and power lacked any right to be heard [12, p.
27]. However both in ancient Greece and Rome, side by side with the philosophic and
mathematical way of knowing as expounded by Pythagoras, we find places where women as a
"sisterhood of mystics" [2, Prologue] were the pronouncers of oracles. Ironically, therefore, the
greatest authority of ancient Greece was a woman [2, chap. 1] and the most famous site was
"The Pythia was available for prophecy one day a month for nine months for the year, starting
when the weather got warmer in spring. She therefore worked nine days a year. No women
except the Pythia were allowed into the innermost part of the temple, but there were women
who kept the sacred fire of laurel wood going on the inner sacred hearth [1, p. 18]. It is unclear
the role the priests played and whether they interpreted what she said. It is also not clear
where the person who asked the question was positioned or whether it was in writing. There
are also discrepancies in how she responded with some writers claiming she entered into a
frenzy through the inhalation of vapor and as a result raved which the priests then interpreted
[17], whereas others claimed that she responded in a normal voice [1; 6]. This view of a mad
Pythia is mainly from late Roman and anti-pagan sources [1]. Often the temples of Apollo were
situated on geographical faults and this was no exception [12]. In modern times, investigations
have revealed that two faults intersect directly below the Delphic temple. "The study also
found evidence of hallucinogenic gases rising from a nearby spring and preserved within the
temple rock" [18]. This implies that the trance like state of the Pythia might have been drug
"From Pausanias, we know that the famous maxim Know Thyself was inscribed on the
forecourt temple of Apollo [20]. This saying is similar to a saying that is found in the Luxor
Temple in Egypt- "Man, know thyself, and you are going to know the gods" [21].
"To Lao Tzu, the origin of the world is female, like a mother of any species. Heaven and Earth
are rooted at the entrance to this womb, but there is a vast depth beneath the entrance, from
which so much more can emerge. This mother of all is endlessly fertile. She never ceases to
breed and nurture.
This mystical female is Tao, the Way. Again an intriguing imagery. The way to this primordial
female leads into the dark gorge.
Tao as a mother of all, like the Greek Earth goddess Gaia, is a returning theme in the Tao Te
Ching. Although ancient China was indeed a patriarchal society, Lao Tzu praised the
traditionally female qualities repeatedly. Since the nature of Tao resembles the female much
more than the male, so should people behave. Giving instead of taking, humble instead of
proud, yielding instead of forcing, and so on."

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Resistance to change comes in a large majority of cases from the top who rarely sees the entire picture therefore when org. fail it is because of... Show more