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Large #businessintelligenceenterprises collect data from everywhere but do we know who and how info are used? #ethicaldata

Some accidents are definitively related to the level of stress that people experience therefore outcomes at regional, country, world level are worth... Show more

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"There’s a reason for this. Were we to become fully aware of our predicament, we would demand systemic change. Systemic change is highly threatening to those who own the media. So they distract us with such baubles as a royal baby and a vicious dispute between neighbours about a patio. I am often told we get the media we deserve. We do not. We get the media its billionaire owners demand."


Students are mainly anxious about paying large fees to education system rather than about learning. The cost of education that students experience... Show more

Products can be made in any country at this time, therefore, there shall never be a fear of not having clear policies across the world... Show more

"Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in... Show more

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5S in any organization implies that there are janitors paid for the work done. There is no way that their work is "non-value" in a lean six sigma... Show more

The deceitful environment exists when there is no understanding of why certain steps need to be taken in order to fulfill the promises made... Show more

Healthy brains and symptoms

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Isn't it interesting as large organizations and businesses have developed a wide variety of standards including some quality standards yet humans... Show more

Likewise, they (children) are not taught through experimentation how their thoughts affect not only others but also themselves (Lindhard,2015). I do not want to imply here that the teaching of knowledge is not relevant, but that education should also address the importance of our experiencing consciousness. Coming from the perspective of social work, Pulla (2017) points out the importance of empowerment, inherent strengths and humans' resilience. It is these subtle aspects that to a large extent
determine our happiness, especially when facing adverse life conditions.
That the world we perceive outside is related to our consciousness as held by quantum
physicists, is not usually contemplated. In effect, most scientific disciplines, including our
educational systems, still support the Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm which considers that
reality, or the world out there, consists of material objects that are separate in space and time
and are unconnected at any deeper or implicate level. According to this view, consciousness
is a product of matter, and more specifically a product of the brain. In addition, the world is
seen as being independent of the consciousness of the observer. Although this paradigm has
been replaced in quantum physics, other disciplines still espouse the old Newtonian-Cartesian
In the West, the prevailing method for studying consciousness is from the outside-in. Whether
it is the neuroscientific approach, which deals with the neural system and also maps the brain,
or psychological theories like that of the Freud, Jung, Adler and other theorists which are
based on the insights arising from the experiences of their clients, the way of obtaining
information is from the outside-in perspective. In science, information about the world is
obtained via the senses, or instruments, which replace the physical senses like microscopes,
electroencephalograms (EEGs) and gigantic telescopes, which explore the heavens beyond
that of our normal sight. Scientific theories are often based on these observations although
some scientists such as Einstein admit to role of intuition and inspiration in forming theories
(Root-Bernstein & Root-Bernstein, 2010).
Based on the assumption that consciousness is connected with the brain, neuroscientific
research is primarily geared around mapping the brain and also establishing how the brain
works. This has given rise to a variety of theories about how the brain functions. To name just
a few, Crick and Kocj's (1990) theory centers about oscillations in the cerebral cortex;
whereas combining quantum mechanics and neuroscience, Hameroff and Penrose's (2014)
theory, known as the "orchestrated objective reduction" ('Orch OR') theory, is derived from
quantum vibrations in microtubules, protein polymers inside brain neurons which is
combined with the idea that consciousness has been ever present. Fisher (2015) also
combines quantum mechanics and neuroscience but his theory suggests that nuclear spins of
phosphorus atoms serve as rudimentary quibits in the brain - which enable the brain to act
like a quantum computer. This has a certain resonance with Hu and Wu's (2004) earlier "spin-mediated
consciousness theory" where the possible roles of neural membrane nuclear spin
ensembles and paramagnetic oxygen are considered.

Note: This article is a preprint


This century is no different than other centuries with the main difference that stats report better on the discrepancies among populations vs... Show more

The existence of advanced technology is supposed to reduce the gaps among populations but the question still exists whether its role is fulfilled at... Show more

In Europe, Spain remains the most active country in assisted reproduction. ESHRE has collected the national registry data of ART cycles performed in Europe since 1997 and for its latest report (for 2015) found that a record 119,875 treatment cycles were performed in Spain, which now sets the pace of European treatment ahead of Russia (110,723 cycles), Germany (96,512) and former front runner France (93.918). The cycles monitored by ESHRE include treatments with IVF, ICSI, and egg donation.(2)The report covers a total of almost 800,000 treatment cycles performed in 2015 and 157,449 babies born -- and represents the largest and most accurate snapshot of ART in Europe.(3) Dr Christian de Geyter, chairman of ESHRE's European IVF Monitoring Consortium, will present the results today in Barcelona at the 34th Annual Meeting of ESHRE.Dr de Geyter estimates that around 80% of all European assisted reproduction fertility treatments are included in the monitoring programme -- but this year (ie, for 2015) without the data so far from the UK. The UK usually performs around 60,000 treatments a year.


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While a scientifical demonstration of why humans shall never kill each other including the destruction of the environment by increasing costs,... Show more

It appears that many of our fellow humans still believe that is fine as not all have equal rights to access technologies, healthcare, education etc... Show more

Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' Quantum Optical Mechanics (QOM) by Herb Spencer' in the forum. 1 month ago Discrete Electron Interactions
The important idea here is that ‘light’ is not a carrier of the interaction between two interacting electrons – this would
require the introduction of a new entity or ‘medium of existence’ (“force density” is a mathematical, not ontological
concept). It is the interaction itself (i.e. the change in the relationship between the two interacting electrons) that is the focus
of these investigations. It is the characteristics of this interaction that actually defines the nature of the electron; these have
been introduced gradually with the publication of this research programme. They are reviewed again here. Physically, the
EM interaction manifests itself as a pair of co-ordinated impulses that are experienced by each electron. These impulses alter
the momentum of each electron at the moments of interaction (‘the interaction event’). These two impulses are integral
components of this single relationship: the electron interaction occurring between one pair of electrons at unique times for
each electron. When a single interaction occurs between two electrons the identity of each electron has already been
established – this is the heart of the present selection mechanism and contrasts completely with the anonymous, haphazard
‘broadcast’ mechanism of QFT.
The repeated set of interactions between one pair of remote electrons is now viewed here as the reality lying behind
Einstein’s mysterious concept of the ‘quantum of light’ or photon. This has the ray-like effects of a particle while
exhibiting periodic variations that are usually associated with the mathematical model of a continuously varying wave.