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#teaching the students how to be personal in their assignments takes more than what I imagined when I started to #rephrase the assignments. Each assignment is a #personal #experience and has a personal joy in doing it.

Some of our followers might not be aware that we have the Machine Learning presentation made with Salford Predictive Modeler Software.…

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Dorina Grossu MINITAB has a new package that uses CART in Machine Learning yesterday

#colleges and #universities do not want #onlineproctering because students #donotperformwellunderstress. Yet, those who won competitions, recognitions etc, have always been under stress...the differences are in how societies reward those who perform and that is why some of the motivation factors have been hidden. #machinelearning

The reason we do not have the #machinelearning in #education is because the #grading system in education is completely out of sync. The financial burdens at a society level are higher since the #administration is based in small increments instead of large changes.

A sales representative is paid a min salary and then a percentage of its sales while a part-time contractor in education has nothing other than an hourly rate. Societies that continue to admit that without education and training will have no future obviously are not aware of the motivation factors that exist at the students-professors levels.

The #structure of #online #learning has to be differentiated as there are large differences in populations therefore the learning environment will not have the same or similar benefit across all groups. Pre-determined #criteria for selections are required.

Many years ago, I decided to become a professor and deliver online learning as a way of ensuring that students can learn at their leisure and in the comfort of the home. My original motivation at that time when I started to provide online learning in ...

And then why would anyone think that solely the #education would change the #self-image of a #student BQ">

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Humans developed tools to help them to survive, therefore, innovative tools are part of life. Tools should never be kept hidden from those who want to learn. #freeaccesstools

#education becoming #open simply means that #fewer #injustices will happen #openresearchaccess

#learning by using #online #technologies has to be #motivated by #purereason and less by #practicalreasons

Those who know #teach but when there is no previous experience, the outcome misses on the #reason. "reason is the power of synthesizing into unity, by means of comprehensive principles, the concepts that are provided by the intellect. That reason which gives a priori principles Kant calls “pure reason,” as distinguished from the “practical reason"-

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Dorina Grossu Her album Ataataga, produced by Graham Walsh, was released in October 2019 on Six Shooter Records.[5] The album was a Juno Award nominee for... Show more 3 weeks ago


Self-selection rather than top selection is at the bases of nature. Females choose as that is nature and natural way of beings.

#metacognitive skills are part of the #cognitive process that can be developed through learning (#education and #training) yet it is different than #AIintuition where the development is actually stagnant

#education is a #volitive process #will, #desire #purpose

When there is a large #population who learned something and then 1 person who says #"nting", it simply implies that among the populations there is a low number who should not be there. #immigrationpolicies

#curiosity student's test should be done at the beginning prior to a #class start as #many are not interested in #learning

When #test for an #emergency response, each #person's response is different yet the #total #population response is an indication of a #culture