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The #world #overall #performance is either better or worse depending on the #relationships that humans establish between them. #eLearning, #online... Show more

Dorina Grossu then the opposite of such openness in communication and collaboration are creating control so then how #AutocraticSocieties want to #conquer through... Show more yesterday

The complexity of life is beyond the current knowledge even when it appears that through #technology, #AI we make some progress...that progress is... Show more

Definitively, the #MasterBlackBelts and #BlackBelts in #LeanSixSigma will no longer be able to do the #ContinousImprovement projects without using... Show more

Use #SupervisedData when you want to #TrainData and made a #prediction on #data

Use #UnsupervisedData in #MachineLearning when you do not know which project is the most important in an #organization

#MachineLearning should be implemented in the #PreventiveMaintenanceEquipment at is known that #QualitySystems operate properly when the #equipment... Show more

There is this idea that some have developed that a student is capable to absorb a large amount of information and knowledge in a short time, somehow the... Show more

Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' How parliaments can work with women to create peace' in the forum. 7 days ago

Peace is linked to genderThe WPS agenda, initiated in October 2000 by UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325, supports women’s full and equal representation and participation in all levels of peace processes and security. It is largely owing to the adoption of UNSCR 1325 and subsequent resolutions that peace is now linked tightly with gender equality and women’s leadership in prevention, protection, and peacebuilding.


Why then the organizations continue to mistreat females?


Could it be that #females are not recognized for their efforts due to #malebrains that cannot separate their #image formed in #reality from... Show more

Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' Global report on gender discrepancies' in the forum. 1 week ago

It is rather that at this time the Gov.'s acknowledge the existence of these large gaps yet, those gaps have been culturally created over many centuries.
The workplaces are in some cases discriminatory places where women are exposed yet had to work so how fast the changes can, in fact, be implemented?



We all know that both quality and education need to be developed together if large organizations don't want to pay on huge penalties... Show more

As we know that Alzheimer can be observed from the time when amygdala and hippocampus show early atrophy, while we also know that teenagers have... Show more

The most objective way to know whether the students learned, understood and passed tests/exams are through #elearning , #AI , #technology therefore the... Show more

In fact, the schools don't use software to teach math and science because that would prove that students can learn and develop their brain/mind with... Show more


"When you’re a student, you actively seek to have your paradigm shattered. You want to be wrong and you want feedback. You care more about learning than... Show more

Wishing to all women around the globe a Happy International Women's Day .. equal freedom, rights, and recognition #InternationalWomensDay

Mostly we transform "data" because it makes it difficult for some to project their decisions at an individual level, but what will happen if each... Show more

Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' Change by Herb Spencer' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

This essay has tried to show that the binary approach to reality fails whenever we encounter complexity. What we have tried to demonstrate here is that at least three-part linkages (or triads) invariably arise whenever we try to think of any one of them: always relying on our Memory. This is now urgent as our Old Ideas, like Change and Time, have only been approached in an implicit binary mode, as we reviewed here. Now, we need a biological revolution in our fundamental conceptual thinking (metaphysics) that incorporates recent scientific knowledge of both organisms in general and the human brain in particular, based on neurological research.
This tight linkage must involve memory because animals remember earlier situations that may be helpful now; these older memories are constructed around our deep (intuitive) level of the awareness of Relationships (and not on the over-simplified mental construct of isolated Objects). When these relationships involve change we call them interactions (physicists now see quantized Action at the very heart of reality). Our verbal language usage reminds us of these relationships (not simple nouns) by linking the necessary notion of Existence (to BE) to the relations of Structure (to HAVE) and all organized by living organisms to initiate Processes (to DO).
As social animals, humans have to resolve the relationships with other people; this has too often been based on the use of Violence, as all of humanity entered the Warrior Phase of cultural development about 10,000 years ago. A common reaction to the threat of violence was to group together in larger and larger communities, where unified actions had to be taken (often to perceived external threats). This decision-making process was initially made by the most powerful man in the tribe, called the chief or king.

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"When we talk mathematics, we may be discussing a secondary language built on the primary language of the nervous system". John von Neumann
and then...
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Dorina Grossu then it explains the "deep-learning" that comes as inheritance in children while others need to "learn" it..it all start to make sense now as to how... Show more 3 weeks ago
Dorina Grossu the most difficult and advanced solutions that are being answered are in fact "inherited" while the easier ones are "developed" through practice and... Show more 3 weeks ago

There are many factors that lead to a student to become unmotivated in a class setting, but one of the main reasons is when a "teacher" does not... Show more