Exhaustive Processes


We learned processes from the time when we were born as we looked at the leaves that changed their colors, snow that felt cold on our cheeks or warm and clear waters when going to the sea coast. Yet, it is when we understand the process’ in depth and become aware about this, that has the largest impact to our life.

Awareness is achieved through direct or indirect observation therefore, it will have a larger impact while being remembered through our life because of the questions raised.

It is mainly when we ask questions that we dive deeper into processes that require additional tools built for understanding.  We can be overjoyed when observing and feeling something, but that feel does not necessarily lead to deeper understanding of processes until the development of required tools is made possible.

Processes that use tools can then become more transparent, changed or modified as we would like while understanding the consequences of such changes. Most industries have developed largely their own tools. Currently, we do not have the necessary tools to understand entirely the human development.   We do have knowledge of results of such processes but not the details of everyone being, therefore the final tasks become exhaustively important for our own future development.

We do understand quantum particles, but what generates their existence?


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