Agents of Change



In the current order of things, most changes happen when there is a larger population that has less freedom therefore their need for changes become unanimously accepted within the group. Yet in a world in which everyone is respected, the voice of one person becomes sufficient for implementing changes without any further debates or delays because one voice is representative and can very well underlie the concerns for healthcare and wellbeing of larger populations of humans.

Similar principles that exist at the world level, can be found in large organizations. While the profit organizations are led through a set of governing principles that can be found or learned about, the individuals are selected based on a set of criteria that rarely had to deal with ambiguity since the structures are formed based on real things rather than on imaginative building blocks.

The short coming to such construct is the lack of progress since ambiguity belongs to the construct of art and how to deal with the unknown outcomes, which belong to metaphysics of change.

At this time, very little is understood regarding the individual power since most of the past events were driven by the top that was merely a representation of the natural power in its own creation.

The agents of change came throughout the human’s history by having the communication channels open while ensuring that they were heard. Maybe the world became so used to silence the individual voices that they forgot that the mathematical model is developed through non-empirical studies that is built on thought alone.

The Titans
Lean in Education System (K12 level)

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