One would wonder why the sculpture of an alien would be in a museum in Italy when considering that God and its son Jesus are represented artistically everywhere in the architectural buildings. In a country where almost in every corner there is an open museum that takes us to past events, the industry of art was craftily approached through the years of its mastering and development. It was the feel of the hard work and perfectionism that have been enchanting visitors therefore it is the work through art that needs to continue.

It is also important to recognize that churches built were places of art where historical events were narrated leaving us with a deeper understanding about the universal connection that was established, rather than a place for pray as through art and its artists, the performances were staged.

When we will understand that the distance has shorten to an infinitesimal scale therefore we will need to ensuring continuation of life by reconsidering the most recent developments in technology, genetics, art, communication etc.

Whenever we look back into the human’s history, we can see that there were times when we were not supposed to continue to exist and, yet something made us thrive through famines, droughts, wars etc. That something is our resilience to perpetuate the quality of life through everything we do and although that something seems to be hidden in the same way as a little alien has been hidden in a museum, there are some who understand the cosmic power that keeps Earth still rotating and with it, many lives who can have the best or their worst experience here.

But then, who are those who decide what a family or a person shall experience since none can make a judgement about someone else views on how this world shall develop since throughout the past we lost any right to decide, but rather we need to acknowledge the differences through times.

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