Many children love BioArt because it allows them to share with their readers the new views of a world that they can only imagine through colours, shapes and funny names.

Who would have thought that when a girl goes to a high school, the science teacher will decide that her bio drawing was art instead of science? But then what is science without the art that exists in it?

I copied the drawing without changing the date because if we look back in time, the BioArt is quite recent and it takes on different spin with the main idea that our bodies although unique they do have the same biological, chemical etc. mechanisms since we are part of the nature. As the nature is not perfect, neither is any one of us therefore the uniqueness of everyone is what makes us special and that happens mainly because of art as the essence of nature.

BioArt presents us with the view of a world that dances with us, embraces the colors and connections that we were not aware until the artists were able to bring it into the science.  Interdisciplinary BioArt initiatives blur boundaries between art and modern biology with an emphasis on philosophical, societal, and environmental issues.

BioArt plays an important role in critically challenging emerging life science applications, stimulating of scientific thinking, and contributing to new research questions and new technologies. Who would have thought that children are the ones who bring the new developments years in advance before a change would happen?

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