Lean in Education System (K12 level)


As very few children have been born with abilities that are beyond the human understanding, many would follow the path that has been designed for them and attend the schools that are either private, public or home schooling within the area where they live. Each school will have the control limits pre-set by those who designed their education system to meet the set criteria that are part of the plan.

Some will have to be maneuvered by their “teachers” or “professors” who will try to change them to an imaginary better, what for many will still not feel right. Some will be classified as being super active and enrolled in programs that will be then adequately designed for them such that a certain transformation will be reported.

Each student will try to do their best over a life time while many will question the system of values that keeps popping up into their eyes although they just do not understand what it is.

A few of them are able to see that their life would be differently if many of the pre-existent conditions have not been conditioned by others.  Several will fail along their life’s path, and very few will be able to understand what the root causes are, and what changes should they need to make, if the system was not designed for them.

It sounds quite terrible, doesn’t it? Well, being among children and students for a while, I could see sometimes myself in many of them while they were trying to understand what is expected out of them to do. Learning by memorizing concepts that do not use logic and feelings, it does create confusion since it separates the students from the main objective: which is learning about themselves and about the environment in which they exist.

I later realized that education has been separated in modules such that “feeling” will not bother any student since he/she would not have answers that would help the understanding part. Deep within us, the mind has the power to help the brain to function, but since classes are designed to stop the “feeling”, the brain needs to function at higher stress value. 

During school years, while all the society members will be directly financially contributing to their children’s education, many of the children would hate attending certain classes or they would not be able to learn at all. So, then why this outcome? Learning is a biologically natural process that is no different than growing therefore nothing should be any easier than learning. What if what we teach is wrongly designed and presented? What if the teaching requires that children design their questions that they want to find rather than a “system” tells them what they need to know. What if the questions that they ask will be totally different than the questions that previous generation(s) had? We all assume that the next generation needs to follow the previous generation and therefore we perpetuate the same issue and aggravate them in time.

By forcing them to do what they do not want or what they can not have access to since there is a certain design of what needs to happen for the current system to function, each child most of the time works against the natural direction of knowledge flow. The natural direction of knowledge flow is the path of least resistance rather than “moving stones” that seem to be used currently in many education systems across the world.

The human mind follows paths that are rarely understood even by the individual.


The approach to teach students in large classes with many peers around within so called social environments, has as the disadvantage of creating a leveraged environment in which many get lost.

The mind of those who work together becomes the mind of the group, but not the mind of an individual therefore at the individual level, very few children will be able to self-develop.

Testing are aimed at how well the brain retain information and is able to reproduce while making connections but there is no test for the mind.

Thinking does not exist without the mind since it is the mind that educates the brain therefore developing the mind should become the priority in schools.

The challenge will be about the types of minds that currently exist and how they can further help us out from the current conditioning that some had threw us in.

Agents of Change