We have learned from the paintings and recorded historical events about the people’s living and working conditions of the past centuries. Yet, we all must agree that the current century has reached new limits that were never believed to be reached even 100 years ago. It is not only the further development of the life conditions in general, but the instruments, tools and equipment that have been developed to support such progresses.

The speed of discovery and research are unstoppable until there are those who in some countries are empowered and try to put a stop to treatment, superior healthcare conditions, and above all to collaboration and communication among the specialists.

Stopping or delaying the healthcare development while creating superior treatment conditions in an environment that is open and fair shall be the aim of each person, politician, researcher, educator etc. It is only when all humanity understands the role and power that each has within the current processes that we will be able to further develop peace and quality of life.

Lean in Education System (K12 level)
Exhaustive Processes

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