Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt


Course Description:

Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma course prepares participants to move into the role of a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. 

Certified  Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt has demonstrated both knowledge and skills gained by learning theory and then applying to understand how to add value to any organization.

Our Lean Six Sigma courses are accredited by IASSC Lean Six Sigma and PeopleCert.

Course and Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, you will be able to understand the various elements involved in becoming a Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. You will learn the D-M-C phases. This includes learning how to:

  • Define and select projects
  • Understand roles and responsibilities in a Lean Six Sigma organization
  • Understand Lean Enterprise
  • Understand the basic of statistic metrics and how to develop project metrics
  • Evaluate control metrics for 5S
  • Apply the Measurement System Analysis
  • Perform a cost-benefits analysis and elements of response and control plans
  • Use software packages to analyze, design, measure performances etc.

Certification track:

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course has a comprehensive curriculum that covers the DMAIC Body of Knowledge required to successfully prepare students to become Certified Lean Six Sigma Yelow Belt.


Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

BITPEC provides 20 PDU' s to PMP


Approx. 20 hrs. PowerPoint presentation, exercises, MINITAB and MINITAB Workspace software


Unlimited access to training material on the BITSPEC eLearning Management System platform (Moodle). 

Passing score:

Each module has one quiz and homework. The quiz has a 75% passing score and can be taken 3 times.

Course Delivery:

eLearning option 21 hrs.

A hybrid delivery option is available but a request needs to be made separately. Hybrid delivery requires that clients will take the eLearning option and then have 6 hrs in the class.

An in-class delivery option is available but a request needs to be made separately. The total number of hrs for the class is 25 hrs.

Software packages recommended:

MINITAB 20 and MINITAB Workspace.

Note: Check the links made on the page to download the software packages for 30 days free trial.

Courses have examples made by using MINITAB and MINITAB Workspace



Reference Materials:

All material used is provided as links or recommended books.


BITSPEC does not pay for the PeopleCert exam, but we can help you to register for the exam within 2 months after completing our certification program.

About the Examination performed by PeopleCert:

Examination performed by PeopleCert costs and available options:

Full Pack
IASCC Certified Yellow Belt  $185 USD  
Features ePack   
 Full Pack
 Exam booking in Passport by ATO/AEO (BITSPEC)    
 Candidate registration by ATO/AEO (BITSPEC)    
 Candidate self-registration    
 Proctoring provided by ATO/AEO
 Web based exams    
 Paper based exams e-certificates
 Hard copy certificates, shipped to preferred location    $19+$40

IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam: 60 questions Duration: 2 hours For non-native English speakers, there is an extra time of 30 min

PeopleCert Web Proctor

In order to achieve the professional designation of IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt from PeopleCert individuals can pay directly to PeopleCert.


No prerequisite

Target Audience:

People interested in learning the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma. Employees who will participate in Lean Six Sigma teams or Continuous Improvement projects. Students who are interested to become Certified Yellow Belt. Managers, Process Owners, Process Engineers who would want to further pursue or gain knowledge in Lean Six Sigma methodology.

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