“In Jewish history there are no coincidences” Elie Wiesel

“The bottom line is that humans are very bad at understanding probability. Everyone finds it difficult, even I do. We just have to get better at it. We need to learn to detect when data is  manipulated. Changing axes on a chart is one way, but there are many other subtle ways to do it. ““If we understood probability perfectly, then we would be less open to manipulation” and “Coincidences never happen to me at all, because I never notice anything,” David Spiegelhalter


There are two contradictory statements that were made from two opposed point of views; one that encompasses a long history about the God’s existence and another that looks from the personal point of view of how to detect events that are not linked or seemed to be separated from each other.

It is when we realize that coincidences are not mainly demonstrating the quantum electron existence, but that the path leading to the universal truth considering coincidences as precursors to engagement of the future outcomes.

It is at the moment of discovering “me” and “I” in coincident event that we are no longer questioning its existence.

The genetic transformation can happen for a reason that can be temporal and chaotic, and similarly, companies can make bad products or defects because some of us are not interested in providing quality, but those scales are temporal and quite rarely are they in fact impact the larger scale of coincidences seen in the history of humankind. The quotes extracted from stories that happened in the past are still held truth into the future and that is not a coincidence since unity keeps us together rather than apart.

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