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Poverty does lead to social unrest, therefore, no #corporation shall ever take lightly when people within area need jobs and access to education,... Show more

You will never know how your friends are until you ask the difficult questions regarding the unequal distribution of poverty vs. wealth, males and... Show more

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"The fundamental thesis of the authors (that I found convincing) is the proposition that our normal
conceptual system is fundamentally metaphorical. Indeed, non-metaphorical language is possible in
simple situations where we can point at a physical object or illustrate a direct action but the more we move away from the concrete into the abstract then the more we need conceptual metaphors to expand our understanding. Furthermore, these experts have long argued that our thinking is grounded in our own bodies; i.e. ideas are embodied, in our sensorimotor systems and emotions. The latest brain research seems to point in the same direction along with the anti-rational finding that most of our mental activity is unconscious and depends critically on our memory, whose structure mainly remains a mystery. The major thrust in this book is the centrality of metaphorical thinking in philosophy. The authors must be frustrated in their ongoing failure to convert their fellow philosophers to these too radical ideas. This essay attempts to expose the deep mistaken commitments of today’s philosophers and most of their revered predecessors."

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Should schools teach #philosophy first and then #math? Since math is a #branch of philosophy, the approach of teaching #logic by learning formulas... Show more

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Training provisions must be of high quality to have the desired impact

For adult education and training to be useful for individuals, firms and societies, the training provision should be of high quality. Good information on the quality of training programmes and providers is essential to help individuals and employers make informed decisions on adult learning.
However, many countries lack adequate quality control mechanisms at different levels of the adult learning system. Further, training activities do not always lead to the desired results and only 2/3 of training participants think training helped them achieve positive employment outcomes. Setting and monitoring quality standards, ensuring that training leads to certification, and regular evaluation of adult learning programmes, can support high-quality adult learning systems.
In the future other actors-employers, individuals may be called upon to contribute further to the cost of training in line with the benefits they obtain. In this context, governments can design financial incentives for individuals and/or employers to encourage greater investment in training..


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"Language expresses and facilitates the typical activities and preoccupations of a community and constitutes the most articulate expression of the associated culture. Thus, though I resist the temptation to identify meaning and usage, it seems clear that broader access to the typical activities of a given community, and associated linguistic usage—argumentation included—, will provide a broader range of evidence useful for interpretation. Since members of a given community have, in the end, no access to it not in principle available to a guest, the degree of self-understanding of a community is largely a function of the degree of communications and openness to participation which it provides—just as we expect the work of radical translation to be facilitated by an openness on the part of the community we wish to understand. Thus, the degree in which a society will be able to overcome the limitations of its own culture and language depends upon sociological structures of interaction and flows of information. "

"The enlightenment changed Western civilization in fundamental ways—most importantly to facilitate the growth of knowledge. But the social forces and individual preferences which brought Western civilization to its prior feudalistic conditions were not thereby abolished. It remains crucial to understand these forces and to see them at work in contemporary forms. Further, since communication regarding language is itself so crucial to our capability to change and reform language, belief, and culture, discourse on language has a special role to play."

"Though retaining the external perspective of one’s own language and belief-systems, the application of game theory to problems of interpretation strongly argues that access to adequate evidence for translation/ interpretation requires the researcher to enter into the culture under study as an active participant. The attitude of distant and “objective” observer, in contrast, blocks needed evidence. So long as linguistic meaning is not identified with actual usage, it is evident that meanings are only imperfectly reflected in usage. Thinking of sentence meanings as truth-conditions, for instance, usage is not merely a function of what is believed true (or any other single factor). A great variety of extra-linguistic intentions and purposes (including many linguistic intentions beyond that of stating what one takes to be true) also play a role in determining the usage of language in a given community and on a given occasion. One objective here will be to explore this point, in a fairly rigorous way."


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"The OECD developed a compliance index to monitor the implementation of guideline recommendations. Regarding
student and customer protection, the index measures whether institutions (a) provide comparable higher
education at home and abroad, (b) acknowledge local quality assurance systems, (c) use agents responsibly and
(d) provide complete and easily accessible information about their programmes, qualifications, academic and
professional recognition of qualifications, and internal quality assurance processes. It also measures whether
governments, quality assurance bodies, and student bodies make easily accessible information on providers
available to students and families (Vincent-Lancrinet al., 2015)."

The interesting part of this report as many other reports is that education, in general, are not recognized across countries but it is expected that immigrants would get the same jobs in the areas of their field studies which is not true.


Economics has the largest flaws among the rest of the disciplines as it does not recognize "humans" at the center of any development but rather uses... Show more

the consequences of one's action that affects negatively a large number of people can be usually followed through generations as nature made... Show more

  From the time when any of us is born, both the environment and historical data are shaping us in ways that sometimes are predictable while some other times are a mystery. The mystery of unknown is what attracts most of us to further enquire, dev ...

#corporations are developed far away from the #natural structure so then what is their purpose? #purpose

Education that values diversity is important for all countries, no matter their migration history or present’s role and responsibility go beyond building tolerant societies, which may passively accept but not necessarily embrace differences, to building inclusive societies that appreciate and respect differences and provide high-quality education for all.

"In the United States, children from non-English-speaking households are often misdiagnosed as having special education needs, based partly on literacy tests biased against them"

Public attitudes matter because they affect migrants’ and refugees’ sense of identity and belonging, their well-being and their chances of settling successfully. Migrants and refugees perceive themselves, in part, according to how they are perceived or labeled (Epstein and Heizler, 2015)


#inquirybasedlearning is intrinsically motivated therefore when taking the approach of self-learning the student has better chances of... Show more

Dorina Grossu so, are today's #organizations ready for #employees to inquire over processes that are #setup by CEO's, managers, directors etc.? Obviously, there is a... Show more 2 weeks ago