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We all know that there are systems that are stable so we can only express one system relative to other(s)..theories of probabilities are the most important theories that we can draw as scientists

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#Natural #statistics implies that a person understands those variations that happen due to #common #causes. The challenge is rather to know without prejudice the #nature and its #laws first.

All countries want to have digitized economies while the people don't have access, skills and knowledge. Large differences between populations will continue to grow.

Students will pay more attention to learning when they get more course/program credits. Yet, there are no criteria established regarding the course/program complexity since there are no similarities; 4 credits in Project Management is not the same as 4 credits in statistics, machine learning, IT etc. Also, students' engagement is not measured therefore students have no utility. #studentutility


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  Obviously, as online work slowed down due to the end of this year, there is time now to share some of my experiences that I had. I am sharing some of the books that I read because you will see in this post that most of us play together beca ...

By no other measure, this year 2020 was one of the most extraordinary years as the events across the world have demonstrated the fragility of our system. The result of different interactions with their consequent behaviors led to rather profound tran ...

#Reflecting that many of today's #political #systems will change due to the large disconnect among its own #functions and responsibilities. Anticipating that people still can't decide on who to choose because in many cases the information is not fully available, as well as there is no interest to improve or make the changes needed. Let's not forget that we have invented money, economical laws etc.

#Consciouness #exists at a #deep level and that is why #computers still have challenges to reach at some humans' level(s).

It has been found through evidence that there are large differences in students population when learning online vs. in class. Questions that we should all have are rather about the amount of money spent by tax-payers without the evident return on investments. #education #ROI

#Next-generation #poverty will become incomparable worse because of a large #gap that exists among the #children’s #knowledge.

Why people do not ask for permanent cures to exist when we know so much about nature and its laws?   EasyBlog.require() .library('videojs') .done(function() { videojs('video-f41ff6f65528f096cebbb77aefae95c25fd4d2830d2ab', { "controls": tr ...

The beauty of having #intelligent #students is that they all understand that #learning will help them in future #Quality5.0, #Industry5.0 as they build the future of #technologies.

As the Universe is a large #MachineLearning we know now that 10% of the population is rich while the rest is broken down into different #trees. Some will be left to #dissapear since there is no help provided. As #humans we are supposed to #protect the #weak since that is the #main role of ours.

#students have to learn how to #emerge what was older with what is #new to improve; there is no other place to learn other than through an #environment that #supports #learning