From #personal experience to #general experience the #path is quite long, therefore, #individual experience is important still no... Show more

#Wars are the manifestation of #power as opposed to #life and its #quality, therefore, shall never be allowed to either continue or ever start #peace

It is well known that some decide over the faith of others but what is not known is how do they decide over who shall have a good life or not? Who... Show more

If some have questions regarding the future focus in #eLearning by using #AI, then what we definitively need is the feedback tailored to each... Show more

Large #businessintelligenceenterprises collect data from everywhere but do we know who and how info are used? #ethicaldata

Some accidents are definitively related to the level of stress that people experience therefore outcomes at regional, country, world level are worth... Show more

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"There’s a reason for this. Were we to become fully aware of our predicament, we would demand systemic change. Systemic change is highly threatening to those who own the media. So they distract us with such baubles as a royal baby and a vicious dispute between neighbours about a patio. I am often told we get the media we deserve. We do not. We get the media its billionaire owners demand."


Students are mainly anxious about paying large fees to education system rather than about learning. The cost of education that students experience... Show more

Products can be made in any country at this time, therefore, there shall never be a fear of not having clear policies across the world... Show more

"Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in... Show more

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5S in any organization implies that there are janitors paid for the work done. There is no way that their work is "non-value" in a lean six sigma... Show more

The deceitful environment exists when there is no understanding of why certain steps need to be taken in order to fulfill the promises made... Show more

Healthy brains and symptoms

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