Even when examples are provided within a #specialized area there are many students who will still have difficulties implementing changes due to a... Show more

One shall never give up to ask questions about the levels of #poverty that still exist since it has been known over many #centuries that some... Show more

Free Education implies that a #student does not have to make any financial effort and consequently, the #professor does not feel obliged to pass the... Show more

While so many Schools of Thought have been trying to make sense of the current gaps that continue to exist among the populations, the Education shall become free and available to all students in 2020. We usually work through small changes and increme ...

Created by using FlexSim with the intention to help students learn Lean Six Sigma by visualization processes.

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Organizations use business methodologies that are mainly standardized while #education has #regionalstandards. Why #education does not develop the... Show more

#anyone would know whether the #organization they work in is really open to helping those who are #new when #departments provide #insightful... Show more

When #International #students are asked whether they find it difficult to answer #onlinequestions that have 1 min time allocated/question, their answer is... Show more

Two-thirds of students agreed that their instructors use technology
to engage them in class, but it is not always with the devices students
already own. Significantly fewer students said they are encouraged to use
their personal technology as tools to deepen their learning. Half of the
respondents said their instructors ask them to use their laptops in class, and
only a quarter reported they were encouraged to use their smartphones

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#societies degrade when the bad leaders are allowed to #lead for too long #badleadership

Many of theTeachers who teach Art are not artists as they do not understand the uniqueness of each student, but rather want to transform all in the... Show more

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