Payment Policy


By using the website and (collectively the “Website”), including, but not limited to, by making purchases, ordering products, reviewing past orders and accounts, and/or taking elearning modules, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions within this policy and all ancillary policies for eLearning, consulting in Quality Management, Machine Vision, Forum, Social and Blog. We may from time to time review and revise this policy. The revised policy will be effective and binding on you at the time it is posted on the Website.

1. Prices and Fees The applicable prices and fees are set out on the Website. Prices are subject to change without notice.

2. Currency All fees are stated in Canadian dollars.

3. Payment Source We only accept paypal as a payment source. The user is bound and obligated to the transaction upon clicking the “pay now” or “pay now with Pay Pal” button. The transaction may come with additional terms expressed on the Website that are transaction-specific. Those additional terms will also govern the transaction.

4. Refund Restrictions Since Bitspec offers non-tangible goods we do not issue refunds for any purchase once membership has been confirmed.

5. Single User The cost paid for access to an Elearning module relates solely to one individual who has the full name at registration time made visible , which access is non-transferrable. You have the right to learn by using the Bitspec Elearning system for a period determined per each course but no longer than  one year, at which time your membership will expire. Upon expiration, you may continue to use the Bitspec Forum, social media and blog so long as the usage complies with Bitspec’s Terms and Conditions of Use. Bitspec may monitor and examine any systems and inspect any applicable data to ensure that all terms and conditions of all Bitspec policies are in compliance. If we find that multiple users are accessing a single registration we shall charge you for the additional users, which amounts shall be due and owing immediately. We shall also have the right to immediately terminate your continued use of all aspect of the Website.

If you believe that an unauthorized transaction has taken place or if you have any questions concerning this Policy; please contact us via e-mail at or by telephone at 647-293-5795.

This Payment and Order Policy is subject to all applicable Canadian laws and regulations.