The attitude of a conqueror


During the last decades, we have learned, watched or participated directly in those events that resulted in organizations taking over other organizations. Considering the amount of knowledge that we have today, the cultural changes don’t happen overnight therefore a question that comes to my mind is why organizations acquire organizations that have a completely different culture? Because beyond the purpose of gaining the market share leading to an increase of short term profit etc. the main purpose should be to collaborate and make better products, new services to the market or in other words make the investors happier.


Instead what we do see in a large majority of organizations is the attitude of a conqueror where everybody and everything is being dismissed.

Most companies agreed that through chaos there are very little positive outcomes since people will experience mentally, emotionally and psychologically challenges. In general, the humans do not behave well under pressure therefore the question is why do we think that the markets perform well under pressure since people work to make the money? The first impression is that when a buyout happens, the new owner will spin things around and introduce changes that were not there before. What most companies fail to recognize is that the attitude of a conqueror is creating more challenges than benefits therefore before any acquisition, a team of behavioral specialists should assess the company’s culture to determine the plan that will be implemented. In majority of cases, adding extra work on the shoulders of people who have already their hands full, will not improve productivity, quality or service levels. The main idea will be to bring up to speed both teams from both companies and create the collaborative atmosphere that will ensure an easy transition.  

Whether is about process control, project control or any type of other control, due diligence process is necessary in any environment. The first step that most companies don’t do during the transition is to re-analyze while walking through the process and by determining how each department is doing. The failure of not establishing a baseline in every department and their processes will consequently lead to more pressure created sometimes for unlimited period of time.

If the world is made up of a few who want to conquer the market and inadvertently create chaos, are we all under one main influence which is to bring stressful changes rather than gradual and continuous changes that belong to the natural path and its behavior?


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