The Giants as protectors


I have really enjoyed reading literature from an early age, but I was also lucky to study the “Odyssey and Iliad” by Homer ( as the masterpiece of the ancient Greek’s literature.

When combining the knowledge with a deep level of understanding on how the Giants were in born (, we come to an entire differentiation between the Giants and Titans. Giants have been associated with volcanoes and earthquakes in the mythology therefore their Earth messages happening now in Italy should influence those who take decisions regarding challenges as pollution, immigration, earth minerals treasured in the soils, water waste management etc.

We can see in some areas of our planet that the social and cultural unrests lead to much larger changes in water supply, heat, draught, etc. What we have been generally missing to admit is that, data collection, correlation or association of any further events can help us to draw those conclusions that could potentially protect all of us including the Earth.

Painters, writers, poets were able to transcendent these changes. While some of our contemporary artists can express that transcendent we, also have the technology and mathematical knowledge that could make it easier for each and every person to understand the direct inputs into the large scale paintings that our leaders canvas for all of us.

Without us, the Giants could partially destroy what we have today, since their main goal is to protect what was created prior to humanity.

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