Projects Worksheet

Item Company Project Results
1 IBM (France, Belgium, Greece, Spain, South Africa, Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria) "Business Process Dynamics"  one week workshop Business Process Value Stream Map of current operations and optimization, bottleneck identification, productivity increase, Lead time reduction, waste elimination.
 2 Gilat  Design of experiments (DOE) to optimize wave solder parameters for complex multiple technology electronic boards.  Reduction of average wave solder DPMO from 25,000 to 5,000 
 3 MSL    Production scheduling optimization for electronic board assembly  Total average lead time reduced from 20 to 15 natural days. Work-In-Process reduced accordingly. 
 4 Schneider Electri  Benchmarking on the materials planning and procurement process  Average overall lead time from customer forecast received to purchase orders to suppliers reduced from 30 to 20 days 
 5  Emulex Value Stream Map of the RMA electronic board repair process to identify bottleneck and main contributors to lead time.   Overall repair lead time reduction to meet the targets requested by the customer. 
 6 MSL  SPC (Statistical Process Control) workshop and implementation of real time DPMO and FPY feedback to operators  SPC real-time feedback implemented in manual insertion, wave solder and reflow solder lines. Manual insertion average DPMO reduced from 5,000 to 1,500. Wave solder from 3,000 to 500 and Reflow solder from 200 to 40. 
 7 Philips Implementation of 8D analysis for mechanical problems in the telephone assembly process.   Identification and solution of root cause in the covers plastic injection moulding supplier
 8 Samsung  Improve Functional test First-Pass Yield in the DVD assembly line     The root cause was identified and corrected. Testers were modified and FPY increased to meet the target. 
 9 MSL   Value Stream Map and optimization of the process to manage CoC (Certificate of Compliance) for components received and electronic circuits delivered to aerospace sector customers   Implementation of a robust (fail safe) process both to check supplier CoCs and generate CoCs for customer shipments. 
 10  MSL USA, Arden Hills FMEA and Control Plan workshop for aerospace electronic circuit assembly and test  Optimized Control Plan developed based on a process FMEA which gathered experiences from the different Assembly Plants. 
 11  MSL Customer order scheduling optimization (project Faro)   Scheduling optimization based on committed dates, parts and machines availability led to an improvement of On-Time Delivery and customer satisfaction.  
12  MSL Task force to optimize finished product packaging  Reduced the total number of different packing materials, reduced the number of suppliers and implemented a Kanban replenishment system with suppliers which reduced the inventory in the Plant. 
 13 IBM Ireland Sales & Marketing   Six Sigma for Green Belts Workshop  Six Sigma methodology was applied to optimize the IBM WEB site management process
 14 Lear   SMED workshop to reduce the setup time in the high volume electronic board assembly lines for the automotive sector Setup time was reduced from 1 hour to 15 minutes in the FCM and GSM automatic component placement machines increasing the effective overall line capacity by 10%. On-time delivery was also improved as a result. 
 15  Honeywell Implement a Kanban replenishment system to supply components to the SMT assembly lines for aerospace  Line stoppages due to missing components were eliminated and setup time was reduced.  Direct workload cost reduced 120k euro/ year 
 16 Celestica   Reduce nitrogen consumption in reflow solder machines 33% reduction in consumption by automatic interruption when machines stop. 
 17 Celestica  5S implementation in the Point of Sale Terminal assembly line Required space was reduced 50%. Productivity and flexibility increased. 
 18 Celestica  Reduction of Dock to Stock lead time in the materials reception process  Average lead time was reduced 50% by removing the pre-reception step and installing a visual system to insure all materials are received in less than 24 hours from truck unload. Work instructions were improved and new ticket printers installed to avoid labelling mistakes. 
 19 Celestica Incoming inspection lead time reduction  Lead time reduced 66% and inspection productivity increased. 
 20 Celestica  5S implementation in the PTH lead forming line  Stock out elimination and productivity increase 
 21 Honeywell   Autonomous production cell implementation with hourly control panel Production and quality hourly controlled at the production cell level led to an increase of productivity and delivered quality. 
 22 Celestica  Solder paste dispensing stencil design automation  Engineering design time reduced from 4 hours to 15 minutes on average. Error rate was reduced and the effective design capacity of the tooling design department was increased.  
 23 Portugal Telecom   Six Sigma workshop to improve service processes Service processes Value Stream Mapping, metrics identification, elimination of waste, 5S implementation, lead time reduction and productivity improvement 
 24 Celestica  5S: Individual tool box elimination task force  Individual tool boxes were removed and tools assigned to each work station in a visual control panel to insure all tools required are easy to find and easy to put back. This led to an increase in quality and productivity 
25  Celestica 5S: Implementation of daily cleaning of all workplaces (5 min) at the end of each shift for all employees (both line and offices)  Improved productivity, company image in front of customers and work environment. 
26  Microsoft Czech Republic X-Box electronic board repair process optimization  Value Stream Map load balance, stress test first-pass-yield improvement, BGA module replacement process improvement leading to double the effective repair capacity. 
 27 Imaje   Optimization of the ticket printer assembly line: Value stream map, flexible line layout, one-piece flow, hourly production panel, component replenishment system. Operator time was reduced 50%, Space required reduced 50%, Manufacturing lead time reduced from 24 hours to 3 hours. Total savings: 50 k euro/ year. 
 28  Roche Optimization of electro medicine device test process: Value stream map, flexible line manufacturing layout, hourly production board, component replenishment system.  Manufacturing diagnostics were modified to group operator interventions during the automatic test so that one operator could handle two functional testers. Operator time was reduced 50% and the line could be operated at different speeds by adding operators. Total manufacturing lead time was reduced from an average of 2.5 days to 2 hours. WIP was accordingly reduced. 
 29  Italgres Setup time reduction for colour change in the Rotocolor printers by doing a design of experiments (DOE)  Model change Value Stream Map, Analysis of lead time contributors, setup optimization, identification of Rotocolor critical parameters affecting the resulting tone after baking 
 30  EMT Valencia (Valencia city transport)  Lean diagnostics of the Company Workshops and bus maintenance service  Identification of productivity improvement opportunities: 5S, Visual management, Repair standardization and control, Total Productive Maintenance, Kanban spare part replenishment, etc.
 31 Telefónica International Wholesale Services  Management process development and optimization for new wholesale services integrated in existing applications  Process maps, temporary procedures, Key Performance Indicators, implementation according to schedule. 
 32  General Dynamics Trubia Plant  Materials Dock to Stock lead time reduction and productivity increase Productivity increased and lead time reduced 50% 
33  General Dynamics Trubia Plant Machining tooling consumption reduction  Standardised tool references with a tool catalogue and implemented a single database to control tool availability in the plant before a purchase order is issued to a vendor 
 34  General Dynamics Palencia Plant  Press availability improvement by reducing the number of breakdowns and downtimes Applied TPM techniques to reduce breakdowns and optimise equipment maintenance 
 35  General Dynamics Sevilla Plant Install autonomous cell production in precision assembly line to increase productivity and reduce overall manufacturing lead time.  Productivity increased 25% and lead time divided by 5 
 36  PCS Lean Six Sigma workshop to optimise Preduster/ Breading/ Frying line  Lean diagnostics, 5S improvements, VSM: bottleneck identification, SMED and TPM projects identification to increase productivity 
 37 ASAC Pharma (Alicante)  Pharmaceutical products manufacturing process optimization to reduce lead time and improve productivity.  Lot size reduction, Manufacturing lead time reduction, Implementation of visual management and daily production scheduling. Job tracking by means of bar codes. Equipment availability and maintenance tracking. 
 38  Faurecia (France, Spain, Sweden) Green Belt Six Sigma workshops to improve customer satisfaction through effective root cause analysis.  Improvement of 8D methodology by using rigorous statistical Six Sigma tools for root cause analysis and solution implementation. 
 39 Scottish Power  Lean Six Sigma program evaluation for parent company Iberdrola  Project control and savings quantification recommendations 
 40 Red Cross Hospital, Seville  Operating theatre productivity improvement  Lean methodology applied to operating theatre management: Value Stream map, Setup time reduction, 5S, medicine and consumable replenishment, visual controls, Poka-Yokes 
 41  Magna International (CA)  Registered laboratory with ISO 9001 Reduced the total number of rejects due to SPC introduced to monitor the paint bath approx. $500K/year 
 42 BTR Sealing Systems (CA)  Launched door seals for automotive programs for Suzuki and Chrysler  Quality issues were solved through design changes approx. $1 million cost savings 
 43  ABC Group (CA) Launched program GMT 270  Design changes introduced to reduce manufacturing production costs approx. $750K 
 44 Depco International (CA)  Introduced Plasma System in North America  Reduced total number or rejects and saved approx. $1 million 
 45  Omron Dualtec (CA) Implemented Lean Six Sigma  Cost savings approx. $1 million 
46 Royal Sun Alliance (CA)  Consulting on Lean in Underwriting Department  Proposed cost savings approx. $1.5million 
 47  GGS Plastics (CA) Registered company with TS 16949, introduced OEE and DFMEA for rejections  Rate of defects dropped to 0.5% in 3 months, company was registered in 3 months with TS 16949, reduced rate of downtime by 20% by introducing OEE 
 48  Progressive Moulded Products (CA)  Launched GMT 500, Ford Explorer and Ford Focus Pass rate in the first 3 months was 97-99% in comparison with 75% 
 49  University Health Network (CA) Installed and received all approvals from Ministry of Health and CNSC for the first PET/Ctintroduced in Canada that uses the latest technology to detect cancer cells  Budget estimated $7 million but due to negociations, the savings were above $1 million plus project was completed from start till end in 9 months that included all approvals from different organizations. A project of this proportion is usually completed between 1-2 years 
 50  University Health Network (CA) Obtained $11 million from Government to start a project that introduced Image Guided Radiation Therapy Project was stalled for two years
 51  ABC Group (CA) Airbag door Ford  Managed engineering and budget requirements ($7M) through feasibility, product and tooling design, capital equipment acquisition and production. Applied Lean and Kaizen concepts. 
 52  Scican Endoscope Design  Developed and designed new endoscope reprocessing equipment capable to simultaneously measure liquid flow through various length channels with openings from 0.5 – 6.0 mm and ensure that cleaning and disinfections requirements as per ISO 15883 are met 
 53  Scopecare Endoscope Design  Developed and designed medical equipment and devices with components manufactured through CNC, injection moulding, ultrasonic welding processes. Performed testing and verified design according to CE Directive 2007-47-EC, ISO13485, ISO10993, ISO14971, ISO10110. Used military specifications for component coating. DFMEA / DOE tools were used 
 54  Scopecare  Endoscope Design Developed detailed specifications following CSA and OHSA requirements, selected subcontractors, provided input into the preparation of tender documents, evaluation of tenders and preparation of contractual documents, supervised installation, testing and acceptance of high-speed assembly manufacturing lines with estimated value of $2M 
 55  Omron Dualtec (CA) Vision System  Designed and implemented equipment modifications, with estimated value of $500K for new product manufacturing, high-speed robotic stations for 100% vision inspection and rejection of non-conforming products. Reduced the number of nonconforming parts shipped to customers and saved $250K/year in product quality related expenses. 
 56      Welding assembly operations: performed studies and tests to determine line process parameters necessary to achieve 99.5% weld quality. Applied DFMEA / DOE tools
 57  ABC Group (CA) Product Design  Determined process requirements to obtain balanced cooling for moulding and thermo-forming operations. SPC and Kaizen tools were applied. An efficient process design led to manufacturing costs savings of approx. $150K/year. 
 58  Omron Dualtec (CA) Vision System  Developed customized machine vision equipment to qualify welding, assembly and printing operation, ensuring 100% quality inspection at all manufacturing lines 
 59  Omron Dualtec (CA)  Manufacturing Database Lead the team to the development of new Management Knowledge tools: Manufacturing Database, Equipment Specification and Acceptance. Manufacturing efficiency was improved with 10%, equipment related costs reduced with $300K. Applied Six Sigma and Lean tools. 
 60     Wire bonding technologies: arc, laser, HF resistance and ultrasonic welding 
 61     Product cleaning technologies: pulsed ionized air, CO2 ice, CO2 liquid. 
 62    Capital Automated manufacturing lines 
 64  Dataelaborazioni Managing Reservations  Implemented and tested of software for managing reservations for Airline Alitalia.
65 G.M.S – S.c.a.r.l. Society lan creation and management Installed and configured devices for LANs. Assisted  and trained users.
66 Tieffe sistemi Software developement and management Integrated applications for managing printing via mail by accessing an SQL database. Configuration and sizing platforms and applications 
67 Emmeservice C.E.D. Creation and administration Installation and configuration of Cisco 6200 devices, installed and configured software packages
68 Pride S.p.a. Network access Supervisor Activities on behalf of SARITEL monitoring and supervision network, access to services on 9001, 9000, Email Management from 9000 to Sun Solaris machines at TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile)
69 Pride S.p.a. Network access Supervisor -  System Analysis   Activities related to testing before being put into operation at the 119 Customer Care of Tim, software to manage integration between world's telephone and data associated with it ( Cisco Email Manager )
70 Puntogenius Joomla Website development, based on CMS like Joomla and WordPress, corporate intranet projects through integration of open source CMS and CRM , using software tools and hardware.



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