Personalized Education through technological advancements

If you are one of those readers who is trying to understand and want to make the world a better place for everybody, then definitely you have read about all types of analytics and small changes that the large organizations are trying to implement in an effort to speed up learning, save costs, improve a certain level of quality while leveraging information.

The changes will be done positively in the way of teaching by using robots that can be personalized per each student liking. Instead of a teacher/professor talking to the class, the personal application will be set-up and individualized by each student. The modules and topics will become highly customizable and interchangeable with voice activated through different accents, languages and genders that will have different ages. It is that level of detail that the current technology is capable to work on therefore those who are getting ready to pay the huge fees to universities etc. and expensive schooling system, will have to get ready for the new technology.

What can someone do in the meantime? Well, the best way will be to start learning on your own by using materials that are available from different resources since the new technologies will link sites that nobody knows of their existence currently. 

Some readers might ask the question why it took as long to stop paying the $ M in education and why we had to evolve as much in technology? The answer is in the way people who have empowered themselves over thousands of years reached their own level of comfort. While through technology, the population around the world and within each country can do infinitely better, we still have control assumed by top 10% of us.

Did humanity reach the point of “no return” in existence balance? Over the centuries, humanity have never reached a level of balance since technology did not exit until recently. The latest years have been the most demanding due to technological changes therefore the future looks brighter to those who understand that mind and brain are developed over years of continuous work while software and technologies are tools that can be used. The work needs to be done by everyone rather than through the assumption that technology will change the human brain and mind.


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Personalized Education through technological advan...

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