Any being has direct ancestors with lineages correlated to the future. The environment is a contributing factor but never the determinant. A high or low level is directly dependent on its origins therefore differences will always exist.


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Euphoria of wars

The purpose of any war is to decompose, destruct, and remove what was created rather than build and enhance through peace a sustainable life. Human history is that of wars and unrest, interferences of powerful leaders who are always ready to sacrifice everyone else's life. It is the euphoria of wars that we watch being played by those who decide over life and deaths of others.

In a time of war, the creation of art leads to more unrest while moving us toward the nothingness of the universe. It is a universe that belongs to less life and more stones that are lifeless and cold.

Peace does not occur when leaders are supported by those who gain from wars.



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Our sense of purpose and belonging HM Queen Elizabeth II

History has taught us that rarely humans have reached an agreement; it only happened during the reign of our HM Queen Elizabeth II for the last 70 years.

While visiting Buckingham Palace, photos were not allowed, but among all the paintings, the one I liked the most and located near the throne, where she had the corgies nearby.

She will be missed as our Queen and Head of the State because of her powerful grace and governance stability.



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Biological life

The human's trial to predict the biological changes led us to today's conflicts because biology has its paths. Human's made tools to predict life and biology have not reached a high level of development. While there is progress in technological development, the current machines can rarely predict biological life even when advanced probabilities, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence are applied.

The question that I ask is what mechanisms biological life has that it employs to ensure survival? What we can see so far is that evolution will be different and there will be other changes that will be completely different than past history.

An oppressive biological system will find its new ways to develop, and if there is cause and effect beyond our knowledge and understanding, then the more suppressed a system is, the more determined the life becomes to survive.

Removing all obstacles shall be the goal for New Year 2022.

Education, healthcare, poverty, elimination of discrimination, etc. have been long overdue. Many of us have been asking these questions for many years without seeing a complete change done.

Why not make this New Year 2022 the new standard of quality of life?

Photo by //;utm_content=creditCopyText">Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash

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Difficulties to create inclusive societies

This report is important as it proves through its data the lack of sustainable actions. Each child has the right to live in an environment where education is available and offered at the highest quality level. Technologies made it possible.

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Freedom is inherited



Our way of thinking is inherited, the same is freedom and so many other accomplishments and achievements that our predecessors have fought for. The manifestation of a certain control can be observed in many ways through businesses that diminish the individual and can be easily recognized when the desire for quality, respect, preservation of values no longer exist. To change something into chaos is easy, but to ensure quality requires a framework and a state of mind that are complementary. Those who try to isolate themselves from this responsibility and become despots do not understand history as nature has a sublime way of proving its existence.

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Knowing what online learning transition truly implies


Obviously, as online work slowed down due to the end of this year, there is time now to share some of my experiences that I had. I am sharing some of the books that I read because you will see in this post that most of us play together because we understand each other.

While classes have evolved from in-class to online participation, I observed a Gaussian curve distribution. Students were working on whiteboards and computers before the online transition. At that time, I was able to mix and form the teams based on certain rules. When the classes went online, the main challenges experienced by students aside from the technical aspect of using computers and laptops were the group formation for working together. Most of the assignments during one of the semesters required group work while other assignments required individual work. Students who worked individually seemed more comfortable if they had previous experience working online. Students without any previous experience working online seemed to be more interested to try to work in teams.

Then I asked my nephew who plays computer games as to how he engages online to play games with other teenagers that he has never met or known? He said that he looks for those who are competitive to form a team such that he will ensure the increased chances for success. They have rules that are established at the beginning of the game and they all play by engaging, listening, following each other. They play for fun and that makes the main difference between learning and playing for fun.

Can we then make the learning fun? Yes, we do have many ways to engage through technologies and software/apps. Yet, the question still remains about winning? What do students win when they learn versus when playing for fun? Most students take courses, certificates, etc. for being hired in positions. So, they will gain knowledge and skills, but there are no measures now about know how well will they play in teams since the education system does not measure the playing factor in Assignments, quizzes, tests, performances. We do not measure how well a student performs in teams. The question is why not?

Since companies only exist for as long as they are profitable and have customers to buy their products/services the question is whether Education as a system really delivers on the promises if there are important skills required that have never been taught, verified, measured, improved, etc. during the learning. Yes, we do measure the outcomes as better performance when students work in some teams, but the criteria are quite poorly developed.

What type of changes do we need to make? The societies need to understand where the shortcomings are in the education system, therefore we will need to measure, quantify, qualify the online engagement and performances such that we will have an increased level of transparency as to how well the integration process really happens between generations, among generations, between technologies versus no technologies. We are all in a learning process that has to be transparent while engaged.

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Reflections at the end of this year 2020

By no other measure, this year 2020 was one of the most extraordinary years as the events across the world have demonstrated the fragility of our system. The result of different interactions with their consequent behaviors led to rather profound transparency about the differences rather than similarities. Since the differences prove that not everything can be transformed as some might understand the changes. Many businesses lost customers and revenues while others strived. Political systems were overturned while others prevailed. Nature changes made everything worse as it shows that without pollutions the natural life gets back on its own tracking system. All the other areas of our lives did expose much larger and deeper differences that are not by an individual choice, but rather a systemic approach to control what is not natural. Artificial Intelligence does follow most of what science has discovered over many centuries yet it is still far from prevention of human exploitation, unfair distribution of wealth and wellbeing etc.

On a more positive note, we would like to send our best wishes to our followers and their families, and let's try to start to make this world a better one for every single being. 

Wishing you health and wellbeing!


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How far behind the Education, Technologies, and Medicine are?

Why people do not ask for permanent cures to exist when we know so much about nature and its laws?

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Share SoTL Research Plan

Many years ago, I decided to become a professor and deliver online learning as a way of ensuring that students can learn at their leisure and in the comfort of the home. My original motivation at that time when I started to provide online learning in an asynchronous environment, was rather to understand what was missed in the previous system since there were countries that did not introduce the online learning as one of the options available to all students. The interesting part that I found through my direct experience was that many students were demotivated to learn outside of the traditional school environment because the students had to be persistent, diligent, critical in how they learned etc. Some qualities that I also try to develop during the synchronous classes through the SoTL that I presented in "Plan for a SoTL Project".

What I did not realize at the beginning is the amount of effort that institutions, different Government levels, methodologies, and resources are required to assess and continuously improve the system such that the  Quality of Education prevails. 

As I completed a short plan for SoTL and shared my motivations, the changes are quite evident as we need to take smaller steps if we all want the quality and education standards to meet the OECD mandate. Therefore, the following positive education outcomes would require funds, plans, methodologies, resources:

  • As increased diversity in voice and perspective in the pedagogy leading to stronger institutional values on teaching and learning,
  • Promotion of new networks among members at institutions,
  • Scholarship opportunities in the form of presentations and publications with opportunities for outside funding to support program innovation.

To expand my own professional development, I found that the scientific research I have lately been engaged in does follow the methodology that is a quality cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act used in general by large and small organizations.

Similarly, the teachers engaged in SoTL projects frame research questions, systematically gather and explore the evidence, reflect on and refine new ideas, craft the results in a form that is suitable for public presentation, and peer review (Cambridge, 2001; Christensen Hughes, 2005). This final step of ‘going public’ is crucial, as it makes the results of individual inquiries available for others to build upon and to learn from, enhancing the wider profession of teaching in the process (Huber & Hutchings, 2005; Hutchings & Shulman, 1999).

When scientific research is performed in education, the results are incommensurable as students become the direct benefactors. Societies benefit when the systematic approaches are well documented and based on data that is shared among all parties that are involved in development.

While the ethical implications have to be considered, the project plan that I proposed can be used without affecting the privacy of any student who would participate.


Photo by Picture on Unsplash



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Reality of aesthetics


The Iliad of Homer Engraved From the Compositions of John Flaxman, R.A., Sculptor

Odysseus, who spent 7 years imprisonment under today Calypso’s nymph became our reality because the aesthetics of good, beautiful, open has been transformed by an invisible entity through an invisible hand into an expression that has as intend destruction and nothingness.

The expression of its behavior lies introspectively in the way of showing its own unhappiness.

The lack of its aesthetics is expressed in behavior that searches for destruction rather than preservation.

Art was universal until it became a tool into the hands of a few who brought their way of seeing the world through destructive control.

Control of those who are weak as a way of preserving their own ugliness as opposed to those who want to become their own masters.

It is that kind of intrusive relationship that makes it impossible for those who have a belief in the art of beauty which is represented through freedom to be knelt by several letters.

Letters are made for writing poems and poetry that enrich us rather than destroying our insights.

Will we come out of this ugliness as one that understands the differences or as those who still, believe that changes are the result of the continuous fight for freedom of positive expression?


"The Iliad of Homer Engraved From the Compositions of John Flaxman, R.A., Sculptor" by John Flaxman is licensed under CC0 1.0

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Youtube link


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Why Education should be free to all in 2020?

While so many Schools of Thought have been trying to make sense of the current gaps that continue to exist among the populations, the Education shall become free and available to all students in 2020. We usually work through small changes and increments in an effort to keep certain links within control but Education same as Healthcare, access to water, quality, food, housing etc. are necessities, therefore, do not fall in the category of life's luxury. Let's make the Education free in 2020!

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Wishing you a Happy New Year 2020!

We wish you all a Happy New Year 2020! Maybe this year becomes the year of peace and collaboration while the quality of lives will be increased around the world!

Best wishes,



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Example of using game simulation in Lean Six Sigma

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Short example of software simulation for Lean Six Sigma

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A short example of software simulation for Lean Six Sigma projects


I did this video as an example of how professors can use game simulation during the classes to create e

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The role of technologies in the living world


From the time when any of us is born, both the environment and historical data are shaping us in ways that sometimes are predictable while some other times are a mystery. The mystery of unknown is what attracts most of us to further enquire, develop, pursue, feel the disappointment and then be thrilled again. There is a continuous interaction within us while there are also interactions at all levels. It is a continuous flow that never gets tired until blockages start to show up.


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Our past year 2018



We are humble to recognize that the last year 2018 was in fact one of the best years, considering that 2012 eLearning business opening goals have been achieved and when our company became an accredited training  organization and promoted social engagement while learning through research. Our aim to facilitate knowledge about subjects and their interaction within art, consciousnesses using learning through  automated systems as elearning, machine learning started to crystallize more during this last year. Should we say that Female Principles are fully applicable through our website or should we let our readers decide on the importance of rights that each individual has on Earth?

What we were able to accomplish was also to ensure that our website became more integrated with other knowledge based sites, such that our students will be able to reach to countries and organizations that otherwise they would not have been able to reach to. 

While our work is tedious, we aim for the most important reward when people and organizations will acknowledge that life can be sustained only through high quality standards and collaboration.


Wishing you a prosperous and healthy year in 2019!


Best regards,



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Personalized Education through technological advancements

If you are one of those readers who is trying to understand and want to make the world a better place for everybody, then definitely you have read about all types of analytics and small changes that the large organizations are trying to implement in an effort to speed up learning, save costs, improve a certain level of quality while leveraging information.

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