“In Jewish history there are no coincidences” Elie Wiesel

“The bottom line is that humans are very bad at understanding probability. Everyone finds it difficult, even I do. We just have to get better at it. We need to learn to detect when data is  manipulated. Changing axes on a chart is one way, but there are many other subtle ways to do it. ““If we understood probability perfectly, then we would be less open to manipulation” and “Coincidences never happen to me at all, because I never notice anything,” David Spiegelhalter

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The attitude of a conqueror


During the last decades, we have learned, watched or participated directly in those events that resulted in organizations taking over other organizations. Considering the amount of knowledge that we have today, the cultural changes don’t happen overnight therefore a question that comes to my mind is why organizations acquire organizations that have a completely different culture? Because beyond the purpose of gaining the market share leading to an increase of short term profit etc. the main purpose should be to collaborate and make better products, new services to the market or in other words make the investors happier.

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Learning by using mobiles


While a large population uses computers to learn, other population using mobile devices is growing. Last year mobile device usage increase was 60.4% , and having our LMS available on mobile devices could have been a great contributor.

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My Mother


There is no human born on Earth without a mother and if there is anything that we shall cherish throughout our lives than that is our mother’s love. This is the only love that shall bring us in peace together.

My mother is still the best because the way she raised us, me and my brother. She was patient enough to believe that one day we will understand her struggle with life’s challenges. While she is on her last days of her life, there wasn’t anything that she could have done in her entire life to make it more perfect than it has been.

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Autonomous systems seen as bridge’s creation


In any system designed to be operated by a machine, the rules are being determined by a team including programmers, engineers, administrators etc. Such designed system will adjust internally its prescribed conditions such that the end result will be obtained at a constant rate.

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Social endeavors and their acceptance levels


I have seen the “Portrait of Madame Charles Max” painted by Boldini Giovanni exposed on two different occasions, but each time it gave me a different feel for that gracious and fluid move as she tries to hold on her dress. Her refined figure, gentle look gives us retrospection into what was happening during 19th -20th century in the world. It was a time when women were taking the world stage and claiming to be treated with respect, as equal partners.

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Understanding the "waves" of events


Just the other day, I was working with one of my young students to determine the function formula when either the cos or sin graph was provided. If many of you are not very familiar with sin/cos graphs please check them because they are used in many applications. Some examples are music waves, space flights, signal transmissions etc. (

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Understanding the dimensions


Many of the readers might be familiar with terms used like “let’s look at a project or system from above 10,000 ft.” or whatever other height. Many of you might be also familiar with “let’s look at the larger picture” before we do something etc.  The problem is that this approach, in fact, prevents many students or people to see and observe anything.

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Business architectures and art


There has been a lot of literature written about the business architectures, yet the question is whether the principles of art have been used to develop the quality of any business to full potential. Being in Rome for several times, I tried to understand whether I felt any different each time when I have seen the same sculpture. I take as reference the Fontana di Trevi.  The art has always a purpose that is communicated from the maker (the artist) to the future viewers. An artist uses emotions when creating the piece of art, while the viewers have emotions when seeing the piece of art. The main transfer of communication happens through emotions.

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Optimal policy to interact with the environment


The environment surrounds us and yet how much knowledge and data do we really have about our direct impact on it? How fast can we make changes to our human system such that its direct effect on the environment will be transformed by becoming always a positive relationship?

There are many questions that we can ask and yet it is up to the policy makers to decide on which policies have to be changed such that the environment will be positively impacted.

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Impartial thinking

By definition, the people who possess impartial thinking belong to the category of peace makers, but considering the events that are happening in the world, how many people possess impartial thinking?

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I would probably never thought as profoundly about orphans if we would not have them in our family, but I came to understand the turmoil that children have when one parent is no longer with them. The tragedy is when they reach a certain age and they cannot trigger any past memories about a time when they were together with both parents. The loving memories that they should have are non-existent, yet they need to fill that void with many positive things that surround them.

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Introduction to Project Climate Finance

Sustainable movement, just another trend or do we really need it?

Our world is expanding, by 2050 the population on earth will increase by 2 billion and along with it the need for food, water and energy[1]. Our world is changing, global warming is a fact and if we do not change our current business as usual models the global temperature will rise more than 2oC by 2030[2].

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How eLearning helps the “walking through doorway effect”


If you are an assiduous learner, yet you get frustrated when you have to pass exams and/or tests, then eLearning and online exams might be one of your best options to overcome the brain neurological design.

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Writing work instructions



Processes and procedures have instructions that are most of the time written and displayed on boards, books (binders), network etc. While accessibility, accuracy and level of details are paramount regardless whether there are written instructions referring to the kitchen’s assembly door or patient’s treatment, the art has to be transferred through its letters and/or images to the readers’ hearts and minds. Some of you might have asked the question regarding why the reader has to understand the art and its insight before understanding the letter’s instructions.

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A simple "apple"


Built on a myriad of interconnected systems that ensures a perpetual existence of rather large and complex environments, eLearning and mLearning are directly influencing the human development and technological advancements at international levels. The unseen influences become seen when all people start to realize that they have the same feel for everything that has been condemned by everybody else.

Even if “international consciousness” is a term not used for now, its power has been seen extensively in the last years.

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An Autistic Education System and some societies’ consequences




Most likely, the majority of the readers have learned about the damaging effects of an autistic brain and its effects on the personal development. Although some of the causes have been identified and categorized largely as genetic and environmental, there are still many unknown factors that contribute to autism.

Excluding those cases that are rather severe and have a known behavioral pattern as impossibility to communicate and live a fulfilling life, the focus on the “autistic” education system as well as the consequences of being taught by “marginal autistic” educators should be  seen from the perspective of the societal environment. An education system that generates through some educators “autistic” adults will continue to generate more and more people who will not be able to live fulfilling lives.

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“Quantum Gates” within a Lean Six Sigma environment


We all have learned about continuous and dynamic changes that happen in the nature as well as their correlations as either a temporal, long term, or more permanent change. We have learned that everything that was done yesterday will have to pass the time’s gate if it materializes into a tomorrow’s existence.

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Aspects about learning and art

First the Story:

I recently discovered that the word Momotaro means “Peach Boy” and has a beautiful story according to the present form of the tale (dating to the Edo period), Momotarō came to Earth inside a giant peach, which was found floating down a river by an old, childless woman who was washing clothes there. The woman and her husband discovered the child when they tried to open the peach to eat it. The child explained that he had been sent by Heaven to be their son. The couple named him Momotarō, from momo (peach) and tarō (eldest son in the family). [1]

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Drug pain seeker


Anyone who has worked in an organization most likely experienced some sort of “pain”. In the medical world, whenever an organ fails, we try to treat it either by using drugs or even surgery. If we are lucky, we can get well soon enough before any other organs become affected or fail to perform. Our bodies are a perfect example on how nature showed its excellency and quality. With the large opportunities of body failures, we can also encounter more challenges when the root causes are not diagnosed and identified properly.

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