How eLearning helps the “walking through doorway effect”


If you are an assiduous learner, yet you get frustrated when you have to pass exams and/or tests, then eLearning and online exams might be one of your best options to overcome the brain neurological design.


It has been proven and studies have showed that in order to create automaticity ( we would need to practice, but it becomes quite challenging for our brain to retain information whenever we “leave the room”.  

How can we practice for brain retention? It is easy…pianists overcome the memory losses by making the stage and the practice room becoming the same room. ( They never leave the room until they have perfected the play and ensured that retention occurred .

The brain develops its artificial learning therefore it will take longer to train the brain in order to retain the information for long term periods. It also explains why so many training sessions failed. Many trained candidates are asked to reproduce what they learned and yet they fail to remember. The practice of mnemonic technique will help the temporal lobe and hippocampus function (

Once the learner leaves the room, the information will be “forgotten” because the environment changes therefore the recalling memory will have to almost re-configure the atmosphere when learning had occurred.

When many people have challenges to certify their knowledge for recognition, obviously keeping the same environment will help faster and surer to overcome the emotions and memory loss.

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