Optimal policy to interact with the environment


The environment surrounds us and yet how much knowledge and data do we really have about our direct impact on it? How fast can we make changes to our human system such that its direct effect on the environment will be transformed by becoming always a positive relationship?

There are many questions that we can ask and yet it is up to the policy makers to decide on which policies have to be changed such that the environment will be positively impacted.


A company’s environment will depend on the different forces (Porter’s forces) and their interaction within a written policy system. Writing policies might come quite easy to some people as in many cases it is a one way stream process:  i.e. we have a person(s) in the corner office who writes the policies, then we will keep them logged and stored in a visible place without reviews other than the day before the auditors will show-up, or we will do frequent reviews without making changes because changes are costly.

Even better, we have a large corporation that writes policies together with lawyers while ensuring that although every single policy may impact negatively the environment, the corporation(s) will continue to exist and strive since lawyers were able to bring and make everything possible within the written laws system created by humans.

Countries have environment policies and yet the level of corruption has led us all to a damaging environment that we keep saying that we truly care. Is it that we care so much that we chose to lie about the written policies or do we have double, triple standards dependant on who approves the policies?

If we would have one single policy written for everybody, we would reduce the amount of effort that is being placed in writing policies but instead we would have to implement a balanced optimization of the policies such that the results will become measurable through the environment.

The policy would be to ensure that people, living beings, non-living materials etc. would all fit in the space named environment.

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