My Mother


There is no human born on Earth without a mother and if there is anything that we shall cherish throughout our lives than that is our mother’s love. This is the only love that shall bring us in peace together.

My mother is still the best because the way she raised us, me and my brother. She was patient enough to believe that one day we will understand her struggle with life’s challenges. While she is on her last days of her life, there wasn’t anything that she could have done in her entire life to make it more perfect than it has been.


She knew that learning and reading help the minds and correct behaviors. She loved to read and I used from an early age to read her books that were more mature than my age therefore she used to hide them. It was really tricky to get to them because there were sitting on the top shelf.

My mother loved to share and whenever she had something, she would go and gave to those who didn’t have. She loved animals yet she gave her cat away when I was born because my parents had only one room at that time. She kept telling us the story when she was 6 years old and went to school and because it was windy on the bridge that she passed, the books fell in the water. Her mother kept her home for one more year so she can become stronger. At 12 years old she moved to her relatives in a larger city thinking that they will behave well. They used to close the fridge such that she could not touch the food that her parents were paying for. My mother had a life that was full, but the best years were just when she met my father. Those years were hard due to poverty after the WWII yet they both had good jobs because they learned during a time when most people had no education.

It was her determination that made me finish the university because after I started the engineering university my interest dropped significantly. I felt at the time a deep disinterest in engineering because it seemed to be way too logical.

If there is anything that I could do to reward her then maybe by carrying on her message to the next generation is that learning should never stop. The books that she preferred were mainly about love, but lately she used to read the same book over and over again because she was not able to remember any longer. The newspapers that she read were mainly about politicians and maybe she did influence me so much that I do care about political life more than I should. I would never be able to make the difference on how much she influenced me because I was a part of her, therefore when we were together there wasn’t anything different; I was my mother!

She loved to walk. She made friends easily because she was open and trustworthy and maybe because she was my mother, I was able to see the differences in how people behaved. There wasn’t anything that I would ever wanted to be different about my mother other than she loved us way too much. How much does it mean to be loved too much? There wasn’t anyone that she would meet and not talk about us, me and my brother. We were the light of her life and she knew it.

She and my father were the best pair ever, but it was quite late in time when I really understood how much they really loved each other because she would always show us first, to the children the love and care. Up-date: My both parents passed on the same date 19th and same day of the week: Saturday, 8 years apart from each other.


If I am to continue with the numbers, I was born on 13 Sept. (139) while my mother passed on 19 March (193). Maybe, the so called inheritance needs to be looked from a different perspective and it is rather through the connections that we all have.


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