Understanding the dimensions


Many of the readers might be familiar with terms used like “let’s look at a project or system from above 10,000 ft.” or whatever other height. Many of you might be also familiar with “let’s look at the larger picture” before we do something etc.  The problem is that this approach, in fact, prevents many students or people to see and observe anything.


How does the brain work when a person is asked to think either “vertically” or “spatially”? The part of the brain that is mainly involved at this step is the neocortex right lobe and that would imply that the person has the right side being that is more concerned with the artistic, spatial and musical aspects. The left side of neocortex is more concerned with the colder, linear, rational and verbal aspects.

So, where are the problems? If the person has been taught through an Educational System on how to become or be a good “cold and linearly rational” human being, he/she will have troubles understanding the main topic subject which is to focus on a larger scale. The majority will not see anything other than some disparate geometrical figures that have no connection. Some might see a lot of clouds caused by smog.

In general these phrases are addressed to people who have the connections completed through emotions and feelings therefore a very well-developed Frontal Lobe.

The question is about how many students are in fact encouraged to develop their artistic side of thinking? Is art incorporated into business learning and how much art is in fact encouraged to be developed?

The business books are causing in many cases nothing more than a cold, rational reading therefore people who buy or read them will try to understand on how to implement something that will make the sale happening faster. If Education is about developing our life to reach to 10,000 ft. and beyond, then the approach should be completely different on how books, courses and training and education in general is being developed.

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