“Quantum Gates” within a Lean Six Sigma environment


We all have learned about continuous and dynamic changes that happen in the nature as well as their correlations as either a temporal, long term, or more permanent change. We have learned that everything that was done yesterday will have to pass the time’s gate if it materializes into a tomorrow’s existence.

Then we found that parallel worlds exist while something that exists now and today can be very well another image in another parallel universe. It might seem like science fiction, but we all are on the probability’s path of discovery of something better that exists.

We will not debate for now why what was built yesterday with good intentions will be demolished tomorrow. These differences exist only as a temporal sign that proves that eternity exists and it has a certain form.

There are numerous examples of “gate” from religion to science, technology, biology etc. Although in Lean Six Sigma, we do not use “gates” but rather phases because we understand the flow concepts therefore even when a “gate” seems to be closed, we have all the dimensions and spaces that can pass the quality through.

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