I would probably never thought as profoundly about orphans if we would not have them in our family, but I came to understand the turmoil that children have when one parent is no longer with them. The tragedy is when they reach a certain age and they cannot trigger any past memories about a time when they were together with both parents. The loving memories that they should have are non-existent, yet they need to fill that void with many positive things that surround them.

Some will imagine and read books that are mainly about both parents or enjoy watching the TV Shows that have comic situations very close to what families would usually experience. If their brain and mind is so positive and oriented in trying to fill the emotional void, why societies do not do much more for orphans and their families?

If humanity is what connects us with each other, the orphans offer us the possibility to make this world better as their imagination has no limits.

We should ask ourselves whether the children will be able to have what is known as normal live or they will carry an emotional luggage that might transform their lives. While the majority of children celebrate the Mother’s Day, there are children who cannot remember saying the word “mother” and that is heart breaking because they cannot remember the face and smile of the one who gave them the life.

When we do not care and don’t get emotionally involved to make the orphans lives better, we as humans miss on what we thought about us as being noble. There is no such thing as noble people who harm orphans because they are here to remind us at any point in time that we have responsibilities and obligations towards them.

We had friends who stopped coming because they could not bear to see what they thought to be a perpetual reminder of suffering and lost. When we avoid the creation of emotions because our lives have to be happy and full of positive things, we fail to recognize that each one of us can make a positive difference in the life of an orphan. So maybe, next time when you will hear about a child being without a mother or a father, you will remember that each shall have equal if not more opportunities in their lives because they went through an emotional stage that most of us can not even imagine.

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