Autonomous systems seen as bridge’s creation


In any system designed to be operated by a machine, the rules are being determined by a team including programmers, engineers, administrators etc. Such designed system will adjust internally its prescribed conditions such that the end result will be obtained at a constant rate.


How such systems can be introduced in areas where people are in fact the decision makers? People have judgement therefore their decisions will be made based on their brain/mind capacity, cultures, influences, impacting the decisions through their relationships created. The question becomes how a system can become autonomous if the humans are in fact making the changes that were not even planned?

Can we in fact talk about these autonomous systems anywhere under a  human operated system? Can solid bridges be built rather than relocating and reshuffling the same issues while naming such systems autonomous?

What happens when such systems have the entire power over the outcomes without creating bridges among all members?

Self-ruling can also become a system that can run out of control. In areas where the culture has been stagnant for hundreds or thousands of years, can we in fact consider that autonomy is what it should be provided or should we in fact decide over the actions required to reduce these system’s variations by creating bridges?  

If we consider that environment is our feedback control, then there is enough evidence that autonomy works with very little success anywhere in the world. When we refer to large system’s orders, the industries have block diagrams and controls set-up at every point of inflection and yet in many social systems we expect an autonomy that never happens because we fail to create the solid bridges.

Among countries, bridges will bring security and among all more innovative ideas:

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