Business architectures and art


There has been a lot of literature written about the business architectures, yet the question is whether the principles of art have been used to develop the quality of any business to full potential. Being in Rome for several times, I tried to understand whether I felt any different each time when I have seen the same sculpture. I take as reference the Fontana di Trevi.  The art has always a purpose that is communicated from the maker (the artist) to the future viewers. An artist uses emotions when creating the piece of art, while the viewers have emotions when seeing the piece of art. The main transfer of communication happens through emotions.


But what kind of emotions do we have when reading about business architectures? We might have some positive or not so positive emotions when buying something if and when the quality exists, but in general do we have positive or negative emotion when we look at business architecture? Why is it that we cannot perceive the whole business as a piece of art? I would answer that the reason is that all businesses use the same architecture therefore there is no internal development of the people who work within a company, but rather an outside view on how the business should be developed to make more profit.

The majority of businesses have pyramid architecture with a top that is represented either by a CEO or Board of Directors. What happens when the businesses are operating not up to the present time requirements? A sculpture or a piece of art can still be renovated and would regain its original purpose but can businesses be “renovated”?

The art of emotions is suppressed and seen as a weakness in most companies or organizations.

The art of business has its main role to support the entire community of people who work within, as well as, people and businesses who exist outside of the businesses. If we want to see a piece of art, we just go and see it, but can we ever see businesses? Most likely not because businesses like to stay competitive and eventually become more closed about how much they communicate to the outside. What most of the businesses do is, to ensure that products will meet the customer expectations without customers ever knowing any details about the business.


As opposed to a sculpture that can take 30 years to be built, businesses are built and then demolished in a blink of an eye therefore an empty purpose is created with intend. While art is being seen through generations, the businesses are built to stay and be competitive but by ensuring at the same time that nobody gets to see their inside. We, the outsiders will never know how many hidden tears were wiped by the employees since the transparency is not part of the business architecture. We will however find out later when a CEO is demoted because investors lost or when people are laid off because investors will want to keep the same profit without caring much about the society at large. Where is the art in this business architecture?

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