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Built on a myriad of interconnected systems that ensures a perpetual existence of rather large and complex environments, eLearning and mLearning are directly influencing the human development and technological advancements at international levels. The unseen influences become seen when all people start to realize that they have the same feel for everything that has been condemned by everybody else.

Even if “international consciousness” is a term not used for now, its power has been seen extensively in the last years.


The technological changes are understandable because we know about the complex IT systems that are interconnected by using a geophysical space shared among countries, but the human development changes follow a disruptive process rather than the historical and natural continuous development process.  Therefore more disruptions will exist at different levels across societies that will be unique at the beginning although they will come as extraordinary at times.

A centered human development with extensive and deep communication opportunities that have never existed 10, 20, 30 or even 3000 years ago, will push the current control towards its own end by replacing it with  dynamic changes that will be seen in all societies.

The upcoming Educational changes will gather us in a space that will become the next nest of the most commonly enhanced development.

The learning will become the “apple” that connects us through space and time by leaving the past to something that has never been intended since it was not planned in its own entity but it will move us forward anyway. Many countries will see the changes as threats to their own and solely existence since they have inherited a behavior that lasted thousands or hundreds of years before.





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