Reflections at the end of this year 2020

By no other measure, this year 2020 was one of the most extraordinary years as the events across the world have demonstrated the fragility of our system. The result of different interactions with their consequent behaviors led to rather profound transparency about the differences rather than similarities. Since the differences prove that not everything can be transformed as some might understand the changes. Many businesses lost customers and revenues while others strived. Political systems were overturned while others prevailed. Nature changes made everything worse as it shows that without pollutions the natural life gets back on its own tracking system. All the other areas of our lives did expose much larger and deeper differences that are not by an individual choice, but rather a systemic approach to control what is not natural. Artificial Intelligence does follow most of what science has discovered over many centuries yet it is still far from prevention of human exploitation, unfair distribution of wealth and wellbeing etc.

On a more positive note, we would like to send our best wishes to our followers and their families, and let's try to start to make this world a better one for every single being. 

Wishing you health and wellbeing!


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