The role of technologies in the living world


From the time when any of us is born, both the environment and historical data are shaping us in ways that sometimes are predictable while some other times are a mystery. The mystery of unknown is what attracts most of us to further enquire, develop, pursue, feel the disappointment and then be thrilled again. There is a continuous interaction within us while there are also interactions at all levels. It is a continuous flow that never gets tired until blockages start to show up.


The blockages appear during the time of changes and those, in fact demand proper actions to be taken when they happen. If you are the one who is trying to understand why and how to fit into this world, then here it is a simplistic explanation: “machines” were made by humans to help them to further pursue their own dreams. Machines have existed for a very long time and their role was mainly to ensure that the work was safer, better, easier, less demanding on the body etc. or capable to carry us over large distances. If you are a female reading this article, you know that everything that we have in a kitchen is made to better serve us such that it becomes an enjoyable experience when cooking. I know that some like to cook, but some are not that happy doing it regularly, therefore, reading the cooking books that have nice print-outs or use TV/internet where channels can be selected, it is a way to make dinners that are both healthy and delicious, while using tools makes it an enjoyable activity.


The work of our own creation is what enhances our existence. When I looked at the future jobs and skills, I was surprised to see that the growth was projected and forecasted exactly in the area of our expertise which shows that companies will increase their investment by 65% in retraining their employees. The changes that effect each employee are rather staggering at 25% growth by cooperating with the educational institutions and includes 25% female workers. So, all the numbers are positive and prove that our intuitive path has guided us, in the direction for the future work. But the numbers that we have are far away from reality and the question as always is why? On the job’s growth side, the requirements for math and IT knowledge have increased overall since 2015, but how it would affect people who have a different mind set and talent? We know that math looks rather technical when in fact it is an art, while IT seems to be boring programming when in fact there is a thrill in making cartoons for cooking books or movies that can be followed by our children.


So, it is in the end, both the work and results that each one of us wants to improve while pursuing each one’s dream. Yet, there are many students who can’t learn math and IT, so the questions are again how the numbers are projected without knowing what the students are capable to do? How is education shaping the future for each one of us when we know that the core competencies are the essence of our life through quality and length of living time. The differences in competencies levels are the main driving factors in creating the type of environment in which each one of us will fit in.

The chart has 10 competencies, but each one creates other domains that interact with each other. At the center is the human development and then there are ways to support through the described domains the core competencies. The recognition of deeper relationships is established through different approaches; therefore, I found the image quite powerful since it presents us with virtual and real interconnectivity through social media and information. The vehicle for connecting different modes of thinking comes from different scholar disciplines.


Converting data into abstract from the data collected based on logic might seem quite challenging as the mind needs to be able to work with feelings in an abstract domain. Communication and critical reviews through filtering and differentiation is at the opposed pols when intercultural competencies are missing, therefore, the development of such design levels require more than skillful education which can only be enhanced when working together collaboratively. It also implies that the consciousness and spiritual dimension are somehow left aside due to a busy world of businesses and trades.


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