Our past year 2018



We are humble to recognize that the last year 2018 was in fact one of the best years, considering that 2012 eLearning business opening goals have been achieved and when our company became an accredited training  organization and promoted social engagement while learning through research. Our aim to facilitate knowledge about subjects and their interaction within art, consciousnesses using learning through  automated systems as elearning, machine learning started to crystallize more during this last year. Should we say that Female Principles are fully applicable through our website or should we let our readers decide on the importance of rights that each individual has on Earth?

What we were able to accomplish was also to ensure that our website became more integrated with other knowledge based sites, such that our students will be able to reach to countries and organizations that otherwise they would not have been able to reach to. 

While our work is tedious, we aim for the most important reward when people and organizations will acknowledge that life can be sustained only through high quality standards and collaboration.


Wishing you a prosperous and healthy year in 2019!


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