Biological life

The human's trial to predict the biological changes led us to today's conflicts because biology has its paths. Human's made tools to predict life and biology have not reached a high level of development. While there is progress in technological development, the current machines can rarely predict biological life even when advanced probabilities, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence are applied.

The question that I ask is what mechanisms biological life has that it employs to ensure survival? What we can see so far is that evolution will be different and there will be other changes that will be completely different than past history.

An oppressive biological system will find its new ways to develop, and if there is cause and effect beyond our knowledge and understanding, then the more suppressed a system is, the more determined the life becomes to survive.

Removing all obstacles shall be the goal for New Year 2022.

Education, healthcare, poverty, elimination of discrimination, etc. have been long overdue. Many of us have been asking these questions for many years without seeing a complete change done.

Why not make this New Year 2022 the new standard of quality of life?

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