Why developing empathy in the Lean Six Sigma world is important?


There are many people and organizations that promote empathy in the world. The question that I have is why not all people have empathy? Based on research performed that used MRI to track brain changes, people who have a high level of empathy show that certain regions in the brain are activated when exposed to emotions. These include insula, or insular cortex, which is associated with bodily representations of emotions, and the temporoparietal junction, which previous research has shown to be involved in distinguishing between oneself and others, as well as in perceiving the mental and emotional states of others.




If we consider that the main difference between stones and plants is the state of matter; plant in a non-equilibrium system that exchanges constantly and consistently matter and energy with the environment whereas the stone is an open system that is at equilibrium , we should be able to determine that people who present empathy are capable to establish better brain connectivity with the environment and other people's feelings.

Since projects across the world require connectivity between people we should be able to develop that state of mind that promotes the well being of all. This should be the common focus between educational and training system, and companies/corporation across the world to establish programs for developing empathy in the world.

Enthymeme and Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma and eLearning 2.0

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