Enthymeme and Lean Six Sigma


Most of the issues in Lean Six Sigma come from enthymeme that is a “truncated” syllogism because it comes to a probable conclusion instead of a certain conclusion. Through statistics data can be analyzed and enthymemes as ““Free trade is good” can be eliminated. An enthymeme may also do both: leave out one or more parts of a syllogism and come to a probable conclusion.





Economics consider the water/diamond value as a paradox when in fact is an example of an enthymeme. Economics argument is that we can find water and use it everywhere, and yet its price is less expensive than diamonds. Diamonds are beautiful stones and yet the price of diamonds is extremely high.

From a Lean Six Sigma perspective, the value is set by customers, but what would be the consequences if people, animals, plants would have to pay a high price for water or its quality would be low or could not be found everywhere?

One certain conclusion is that the value does not consist in price, but in how it supports and benefits the quality of life.

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