What makes us say that Lean Six Sigma projects fail?


For certain reasons, I liked when Douglas R. Hofstadter in his book "Godel, Escher, Bach" explained that ants have an interesting organization that exchange continuously information from inside to outside. He went further and explained that ants have a similar behaviour with a brain. I discovered the following web site that provides an interesting view on how ants are organized and work:




We can see not only specialization, but also an intrinsic movement that although looks unpredictable it has to be a priory design because otherwise they would collide with each other due to speed movement. Another explanation of their movement and efficiency is their connection with each other which would explain their sensorial capability to interconnect while understanding the environment in which they exist.
As in Lean Six Sigma environment the specialization of tasks and efficiency in their execution leads and makes the difference between companies that understand the transformation from an "ant" level to the highest and most advanced level which is the brain. We have established that out of what appears to be chaotic movements there are pre-determined tasks and specialization that provide highest efficiencies.

What makes us promote Lean Six Sigma approach?
What makes us think that Lean Six Sigma projects f...

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