Heutagogy and its natural development in the Lean Six Sigma environment

Heutagogy and its natural development  in the Lean Six Sigma environment


Imagine that you live in a Lean Six Sigma environment with the highest quality level that becomes possible because people engage in discussions they like, gain new knowledge through their past experiences while they continue to develop new systems through thinking. Imagine that there are teachers everywhere as everybody becomes a teacher because a teacher speaks from his/her own experience of using his/her emotions and knowledge. Imagine that employers are seeing people as co-workers who constantly want to develop themselves.

Endlessly we all develop new thinking systems or new ways of doing things. Technology is available everywhere and any questions you have are being answered in a very short time since societies are constructed socially and their context is continually reinvented. Learners are always eager to develop their own pathway and find it more interesting as they reach unknown levels and new discoveries. Self motivation is stimulated because everybody is eager and interested to further development once societies have reached a level where we can never let any longer anyone outside of knowledge.


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