Self-learning and specie evolution through learning and education


Aside from many aspects of evolution, the evolution of species involves self- evolution on the qualitative natural path. There has been an adaptation of the brain to process language development while at the same time there has been the development of languages to adapt to the brain development. Languages have developed faster than the brain and explains why the computer science has developed faster in the last years as part of human being's brain/language development.

The question is what happens when education keeps its structures intact while self-learning is not really encouraged. Since it can become quite scary to be alone while learning or not being able to get a teacher/professor or trainer's help as you might get in a class setting, many would give up and settle to learn by using the traditional ways in a class setting.
The evolution as we know it, can happen when there are individuals who can detach from the current condition that has been created in many cases without their direct involvement, and choose their own destination. It implies that they will be able to stand firm in what they believe which is a further evolution while stepping outside of "group's thinking mentality" . It also implies that they would be able to collaborate with millions of other people and engage in discussions that are possible only as a result of technological advancements.
The consequences of such actions will be that humanity will evolve on self-determination therefore it will have all brains and minds prepared to decide the course of a new direction that encourages self-development.

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