What makes us promote Lean Six Sigma approach?


There isn’t much talk about consciousness in Lean Six Sigma projects since this subject seems to belong somewhere between religion and philosophy. Currently, science (word originated from Latin: scientia, meaning "knowledge") has been separated from philosophy and religion, but we should not rush to draw conclusions before we read Aristotelian Physics.



As most projects and programs gain international exposure due to increasing levels of communication, there are still many, who would rather prefer to separate business from consciousness.

If the current root causes of economic turmoil are a direct consequence of our lack of discernment in our consciousness, the question will be how Lean Six Sigma methodology will be able to fit in. As an interactive and data collection process, statistics are used from biology to physics, and from genetics in businesses. We are in fact connecting the dots and proving that learning is a life long journey.

Why do we think that Lean Six Sigma is important?
What makes us say that Lean Six Sigma projects fai...

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