Increasing brain capacity

Increasing brain capacity

“Gaining these knowledge is beyond our human comprehension because we would not know what to do with the knowledge”….”Lucy” is exposed to a powerful synthetic drug that makes her brain to grow exponentially leading her cells to connect to the entire system that goes beyond human mind.

The name of this drug that she takes is a small molecule named CPH4 and exists in the woman’s body during the fetus development. If we are to compare the lead time and multitude of hormones developed during the pregnancy with how organizations and companies have been growing and developed, then we can also ask ourselves why companies have a tendency to destroy everything rather than continuously build on knowledge?

Why don’t we see a system created among companies and organizations that can grow together rather than stay in a continuous denial? There is a competing system created that allows learning in low increments because our current pyramid system is designed such that only a few can have the means and resources to reach the top and are capable to manage the wealth.

A friend had the opportunity to visit a school in Kenya. If one looks at the picture, there are children sitting at the same table because the idea is to engage together and learn from each other, while in Western’s classrooms children are sitting at separate desks, small in size and squeezed to fit as many children as possible in one classroom.

We know that the time when brain growths at a fantastic rate is until the age of 18-20, therefore this is the time during which the schools should be striving towards the highest standard to ensure a harmonious growth.[1]

A continuation of poorly designed learning system leads to a system that continues to under-perform.


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