Management maturity in a Lean Six Sigma environment

Management maturity in a Lean Six Sigma environment


Searching for answers is not always easy, but searching for examples of management maturity can become daunting. Maybe wisdom should be more appropriate to be used instead of management maturity as we do not expect to see “white hair”, but rather virtuous characters and good souls. Charles Wilson said “character is a habit, the daily choice of right over wrong; it is a moral quality which grows to maturity in peace and is suddenly developed on the outbreak of war”.

In our modern time, the emphasis in on individuality which tends to merge the character with personality. If we read the Greeks philosophers they have debated over the character in relationship with the social community. Aristotle says that there are two different kinds of human excellence, the excellence of thought and excellence of character. When we speak of a moral virtue or an excellence of character, the emphasis is not on individuality, but on the combination of qualities that make an individual the sort of ethically admirable person he/she is.

Education of our emotional responses is crucial for the development of our characters. In a Lean Six Sigma environment where group discussions are encouraged because they provoke us to think, there is a potential of an emotional education that can help everybody to achieve greater understanding and keener observation of the character’s development that will potentially lead to forming a more solid maturity model. As a comparison, magnolia is an ancient genius as it appeared before bees did. There are magnolias dating 95 million years ago. By comparison, management is in an infantile stage and yet we base quality on their maturity's level.

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