Mitochondria and Lean Six Sigma

Mitochondria are essential components of nearly all cells in the body and are the powerhouses of cells by providing energy to carry out biochemical reactions and other cellular processes. It makes energy for cells by transforming the chemical energy stored in the food that we eat. Our food contains the building block of life known as macromolecules, mostly carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The energy stored in the molecular bonds of these molecules is converted into a usable energy source known as ATP.

Lean Six Sigma acts similarly to mitochondria since it transforms by breaking down the larger and lesser understood processes into smaller tasks which are then converted and transformed as required. Through Lean Six Sigma information is processed while people's behavior change as they work together in implementing projects. Everything that a company produces is transformed into quality.
Our bodies are equipped with the most sophisticated and advanced processes capable to transform and complete to perfection the cycle of life. Lean Six Sigma through its tools can provide enough data that if interpreted correctly can support the life of companies. All that it takes is a little effort to reach a perfect level. Nature through its systems is a good example of how everything gets converted into qualitative outcomes.

Life is built on mechanisms and processes that function. When there are either natural or special causes, the societies need to be developed enough to prevent through its environmental occurrences while at the same time ensure that resources are provided as required. #eliminatepoverty

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