"Art is never finished, only abandoned" Leonardo Da Vinci

"Art is never finished, only abandoned" Leonardo Da Vinci

The art of completion is the art of quality and while sometimes might seems that we abandon the quality, there is only a temporary interruption. As we all know, the genetic code was cracked since 1927, but it took us until 2003 to sequence 99.99 % of the genome code. [1] [2]

Although there are many academicians who tempted to crack the code of companies as an example into two separate groups as “Theory E” and “Theory O”, the reality is that companies have a tendency to abandon the long term ideas because they rush to complete products or services that have to be sold. Competition is what drives today’s the world of business. [3]

Today’s economic code that gets "cracked" helps a handful of people. If companies and organization would have a different approach leading to rather a larger involvement from all areas of knowledge, we will see less abandoned projects while more quality and sustainability becoming available to everybody from around the world.

Whenever the mind has reached a certain level of understanding, there is an important period of time that is known as a "waiting" period during which time certain transformations happen. The lead time that might take from a small discovery to a large implementation might become sometimes over one generation. What we need to understand is that progress made by all populations in the world will help us to crack the other “codes” that currently exist in the universe.

Some of the Leonardo Da Vinci’s engineered ideas were not used until the late 18th Century because it required a longer time for humanity to understand their role in reaching to quality by trying to find certain balances. Darwin wrote his book of “The expression of Man and Animals” in 1872, and at the time when he wrote about genetically determined aspects of behavior, it was a break through thinking. In general, any new discovery that we made, came sometimes after centuries of thinking because as we know today, the biology systems require time to establish the proper connections and functions.

What the business world could start doing today, it would be to lead towards a common completion by forming the harmonious symbioses that can be found in the nature.

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