“Doctor’s” role in a Lean Six Sigma environment

“Doctor’s” role in a Lean Six Sigma environment


I went to see my family doctor for an annual check-up and his first question was :”Are you on any medication?”. My answer was “No, I am not, but should I be?” If we consider that majority of businesses maintain a status quo by taking pills, the question is when will they make a change? Will they ever be ready to move from the pill based mentality to the healthy thinking mentality?

In healthcare, pills are in a majority of cases maintaining a status quo condition, but what would happen when we will be able to know the root causes of any disease therefore we would never take any type of pills? Will our life become better when we will eliminate all the pain caused by diseases by finding the pills or when we will eliminate the root causes that generated diseases?

A Lean Six Sigma environment has the tools to assess the root causes of the problems by making changes to the systems that generated those problems. In healthcare, we have the tendency to take a pill and just forget why we have been taking it because it becomes a habit or because it has been prescribed by our doctor. Habits are those comfort zones in which we think that we move freely when in fact we become accustomed to a perpetual mechanic.

How the doctor’s role will change when people in the Lean Six Sigma environment will know how to solve all the challenges and have proudly labelled their entrance as:”Healthy Lean Six Sigma Environment”.

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