Law of Entropy and Order Production Business

Law of Entropy and Order Production Business


The last law that I consider as primordial therefore was left at the end, is representing also BITSPEC’s holistic approach to education in general and business processes in particular, as the Law of Entropy. I will try to work from a balanced structure approach on how our mind/brain and organic matter have self-development as matter to the outside exposure.

Those changes have been happening regardless on how well defined our perceptions were relative to the outside world. In this short blog article we will start by understanding on how our mind was capable to acquire deeper understanding due to the universal entropic changes. The lead time between Big Bang until light occurred, has been estimated at 380,000 years. The time for a system to become stable is in direct proportion to its matter, spiritual properties and dimensional relationship, and to its appropriate system with which is in contact either directly or indirectly. Due to large chaotic and spontaneous collisions, the stability is dependent on the internal forces that are self-developed since the system is also a spiritual being. Lagging time between systems is also in direct proportion of the intelligence as in energy that emerges from its own internal structure. If a system is not capable to overcome the external pressure by balancing its internal pressure, the failure will become imminent.

The more systems exist that are not aligned to a certain organization or order, the more chances exist for chaos to be extended unlimited. Order of a system from a self-organization perspective, implies also the degree of conformance to what is available at that point in time. Degrees of differences are usually known due to a cause and effect approach that happens from systems with high degree of disorder into systems with high order. At brain level the issues are rather complex since the “cultural” order seems to be ahead of the natural order therefore the individuals will be trapped into an illusory order/disorder.

The external factors have more influences at an individual contact due to a pre-existent condition which belongs to the natural being therefore is exposed to changes reported to the external influences and its power over the final results that should consider to be holistically and promoters of respect, love and engagement.

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