Change Management- Embracing the Changes (Lesson 3, Article 4)

Change Management- Embracing the Changes (Lesson 3, Article 4)

Change Management- Embracing the Changes (Lesson 3, Article 4)


This last article  "Embracing the Changes" is dedicated to people  who helped me  to build the web site from a conceptual design that has as title  "The Tree of Life". Our journey lasted for two years and it is our visual representation on how people who did not know each other, met in this large space and had the passion to join a common cause which was to build a supportive system for education. I would like to thank  you all.

The world is about to change to become finally the truth about whom we are and how our actions are happening as a result of our internal motivations, how well we can finally understand that the state of our emotions can lift us through and towards the purest reason. Those emotions that lift us into a creative representation of positivity will last forever rather than being decomposed into elements that will never meet again, therefore will become the main driving forces in the next years.

The world changes into those components that have been shaped to stay forever together because were built on credo. The elements of happiness will be mainly about restoration of human beings, and how can we further develop to provide for our children.

The innate capacity to restore again into its pure elements as water, air, fire, wood, metal are based on connections that are pre-determined to last forever or until another state of the matter will be reached. The last drop of our changes will become significant once we will become determinants of our destiny as part of the larger picture which places us definitively in strained positions from where we need to look and enjoy the challenges rather than feel as reaching a final destiny. Can we ever change ourselves to become better? Definitively, but only after we understood that each of us has a role to fulfill that is dependent on those five elements that are refined at a more infinite state within ourselves.

True and its definitions are becoming blurred in an era that is left behind because it failed to prove the significance of balance and life’s purpose. There is a restoration of the values that everybody will embrace them shortly because their bases are on communication and engagement by continuing to building our future together rather than individually. The team that was expressed before as camaraderie, changes into reason and fulfillment and its final existential quintessence is nothing more than beauty and universal love for each other.


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