Law of Entropy starting from molecular level (Law 5 Article 2)

Law of Entropy starting from molecular level (Law 5 Article 2)


At molecular level within any organism there are normal changes for life support. The flow of nutrients as well as body’s reaction to those nutrients has engaged flawlessly to properly support the life and wellbeing of any being. If we do not consider the past, but only the present state of an organism since the past had inputs that might be impossible to determine, then Markov chain at molecular level ( is nothing more than a state to state process that depends on time, space and energy.

To reach a continuous order of transition as part of entropy, the time that a particular molecule stays in a state needs to be under control since at the intersection of changing the state of being; the temporary disorder event is created. In other words, if we want a certain behavior to happen, we will need to know space, time and energy of reaction to be able to determine precisely the thermodynamically statistic of any slight changes. When we consider the phylogenetic inference about constructing a model of the hypothesized evolutionary relationships among species or individuals within a data set, the Markov’s chain of continuity is losing the property of irreducibility. ( , (

This can create larger issues if we want to develop models based on Markov approach since whenever there is contradiction or gap within the mathematical modeling it means that from a macro level the changes and impact are much wider and quite difficult to manage and control. Through life, the diversity is created, but from an energy level perspective, the total amount of energy generated within each entity should be constant within time and its space. Also, in general we need a certain level of complexity in how we operate, since oversimplifying leads to loss of diversity, there should only be positive changes within space and time.

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