Frontal cortex and Lean Six Sigma environment


The primary role of the frontal cortex is to direct and coordinate the functioning of other parts of the brain, both through a process of conscious thought and decision making by drawing on other neural resources on a subconscious level. This involves receiving input from the body's senses and processing that input to highlight the most important piece of information. The frontal cortex is responsible for the brain's ability to create long-term plans, govern emotions, creative and original thinking.

Another key function involves the integration and filtering the sensory information. Because it can disregard the trivial information, its role is important in decision making. Since long term planning are crucial skills for human beings, Lean Six Sigma has a similar role in a company. When there are damages of the frontal cortex, creativity is non-existent therefore the person cannot cope with changes and goes into an apathetic mode. Some manifestations at company level will be lack of positive changes, lack of creativity, etc.
The frontal cortex is involved in higher reasoning processes, decision making, morality and personality. At a company level when considering the diversity of people that make decisions on a daily basis, it would be difficult to know whether those decisions impacted the long term plan, and how each decision matched the variety of functions that employees have. It is important to refer to a system that can provide enough information and alignment to long term decisions and how they interact in the larger plan. Lean Six Sigma uses Key Performance Indicators to monitor process performance therefore it is important that indicators and control charts are set-up to monitor the long term performance rather than immediate project gains. It is also important that company goals are aligned with the goals that exist at the community level and other levels as a reflection of future developments.

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