The day when dinosaurs’ monopoly disappeared

The day when dinosaurs’ monopoly disappeared

For the dinosaurs, it was a calm day without any visible signs that dramatic events were going to happen that would lead to the end of their existence. Since they have been living for at least 150 million years on Earth, the entire world was theirs. There were no human beings therefore there were no computers, WiFi, Twitter, Facebook, satellites, or any known type of communications that would have shown them ahead of time what the future events will be.

They had no recollection on why they were born, as there were no questions about whether their existence was meaningful. We wouldn’t know how smart or intelligent these large creatures were since we have no other evidences left than the large skeleton bones.

Diversity in nature did not exist since everything was monopolized by dinosaurs. The small creatures did not exist because the entire energy was consumed to maintain the dinosaurs’ supply chain. There were small vegetarian dinosaurs and there were large carnivores dinosaurs and that was it! There were no dogs, cats, dolphins, small birds etc. Suddenly a large meteorite impacted the Earth and everything went into another phase for the next 64 million of years, but during that time the variety in nature had started to occur. The first mammalians populated and diversified the Earth.

Now after you read several paragraphs you might ask yourself where the connection to Lean Six Sigma and quality of life is. Let’s assume that we only know of several sources that create energies as nuclear, petroleum, gas, coal, and renewables. What will happen if another type of energy will be used that will not pollute? It would imply that everything that has been developed so far that consumes and creates waste will become “extinct” as in the case of dinosaurs.

It would also imply that inefficiencies and high consumptions will be reduced and that another system will be born that will allow also the small “creatures” to exit and live. If we imagine that humans are the old dinosaurs, how can we ever think that we will have a chance to survive for many years since by comparison we produce more waste than dinosaurs made and yet they still disappeared? If the entire Universe is working towards refining and qualitatively improving processes, why humans do not do similar improvements in every single process?

But if we would make large improvements and changes to our current world, wouldn’t be an affirmation that we diligently and willingly entered into another era through our deeper understanding of statistics, data and control over unfortunate outcomes? If not all advancements made so far have impacted positively the life of the entire living planet, how can we say that we, the humans made significant progress if the results are not positively and immediately seen and felt by everybody?

Since we all live on this small planet, why is it that we still see differences in the quality of our life? We no longer live in a world where the large dinosaur eats the small dinosaur because we have hopefully understood the type of consequences that Universe is willing to provide in order to make proper changes.

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