Responsive System and Lean Six Sigma


As I was trying to think of a good topic for this week, I realized that one is available to all of us in computer systems named Responsiveness. A responsive web site allows clients to use any type of gadgets, iPhone, iPads etc.

The responsive system concept can be easily introduced to Lean Six Sigma since we can observe the cause and effect and their time dependency. Responsive Systems can adjust faster to any changes and will be able to outperform. If the reaction time to change makes the difference between systems that will survive versus systems that will disappear, then each of the company would need to ask the question of how fast can they adapt to any changes. At the system level, the participant does not have to adjust itself but rather the system is built to allow change to happen faster in the outside world.

Change Management in Lean Six Sigma Projects
Why do we think that Lean Six Sigma is important?

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