Literacy and Lean Six Sigma


In 21st century new definitions evolve to reach for other dimensions as the world continues to develop to finding new meanings in the Universe. Literacy was known as to refer to those with the ability to read and write. Today's definition reaches another realm and UNESCO's regards 'literacy', in an attempt to recognize the diversity of definitions attributed to the term, as being beyond simply "the set of technical skills of reading, writing and calculating to a plural notion encompassing the manifold of meanings and dimensions of these undeniably vital competencies. Such a view, responding to recent economic, political and social transformations, including globalization, and the advancement of information and communication technologies, recognizes that there are many practices of literacy embedded in different cultural processes, personal circumstances and collective structures".

Where is the connection between Literacy and Lean Six Sigma? Everything is a process that requires measuring and control, and proper implementation to respond to these continuous changes. When changes are done in separation the whole is not fully formed therefore if we try to find answers to the "why?" question, we will not be able to justify our actions unless we relate to Universal Laws.

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