Hope for Future Generations (Lesson 2, Article 5)

Hope for Future Generations (Lesson 2, Article 5)


Civilizations have existed in the last 10,000 years because of environmental conditions that have started to reach a level of highly optimized transformation making possible for energy to be stored for longer time. Food through seeds made possible the diversification of taste, textures, colors, and shapes therefore once the main contributor to life development and existence became abundant and widely available, the human being had the opportunity to settle and populate mainly those geographical areas.

Due to the acceleration and technological developments, the future depends on our today’s solution to solving today’s challenges that we have created. While people have created large boundaries and discrepancies between developed versus non-developed areas, the solutions need to be considered from a larger perspective therefore implemented separately.

Civilizations or communities strived when their written or unwritten laws were made to protect the weak, fragile and poor because of their capability to understand that life strength exist because of weak connectivities. Those weak, but dynamic bonds that hold us together are the future of our next generations that will depend on how well we will be able to use today’s technology to sense and understand the future generations.






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